Question about planet wipes

Sorry, it is still not clear for me.
But will I be save for a wipe inside my small vessel when I fly in space close to the planet? (In orbit)

I only have a small vessel and not the time to build something big.

Check the cb:wipe command in game to see when things are wiped. Space playfields only get wiped on a Friday for the planets that are wiped so you are now good until next Friday to get your CV built to get out of system, just make sure you are in space this evening for the planet wipe in the morning,

OK But I just have to be very carefull in the orbit because they are pve right?

CAn someone attack my ship when I am offline?

Just go 20km away from planet before you log and make sure you are in a faction and your ship is set to your faction. If it is public or private people can see it on the map.

In PvE everything is save. In PvP fly very far away like Kalsius recommended.

I don;t think the orbit is save. I read somewhere that this is to pvp

Ehm, well depends where you are. I assumed you were talking about “HWS PvE Start” since only PvE planets will be wiped tomorrow.
Just open the Map (M) and see what is PvP and what PvE