Question About Taxes in ECC

Hello there,

I wanted to understand how taxes work after reading through the guide and multiple forum posts. My apologizes if this has been answered already.

If I warp into ECC space with a CV and SV. Stay for 20 minutes then leave. The HWS Connect Tax List website shows I owe taxes on both ships.

-Will my account be flagged as owing taxes just by stepping foot into ECC space for a few minutes? Or do i need to keep my ships in ECC space until the 9 AM time period when taxes are applied?

Slightly confused space pilot

It’s not necessarily 9am anymore but it needs to be there for a long time, if you try log out 15min before 9am and come back after you will get taxed, if your there for 20min you wont get taxed.

TAxes can only be applies over a restart, so as long as you keep away from taxed space during restarts you’re fine. however, remember the tool can take up to 15 mins to refresh, and if it doesn’t refresh in time until taxes happen you will be taxed.

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