Question on Faction Chat in HWS Connect and Interest

@Jascha I have a question in regards to Faction Chat in HWS Connect. I did eb:interest in it last night before I went to bed hoping since it sends it to Faction Chat that would mark me eligible for tax interest.

When I got on this morning I see the faction server message pop up as it sends all faction chat as soon as someone logs in that were sent via HWS Connect since their last login.

Question 1: Can we do commands like eb:interest through HWS Connect to get interest?
Question 2: If yes do we have to login so it registers the faction chat message like in the first picture or should it pickup the faction chat message from HWS Connect without us logging in?

Thank you for your time.


yes you can use it over HWS Connect, but you have to be online :frowning:
All functions over HWS Connect are hold until you login.

Ok, that’s what I assumed based on my test last night. Just wanted to make sure. Lock her up Dan O! Thanks