Question regarding CV with dock HV/SV

So something i wanted to do was build a CV but have a docked HV on it purely for taking out aliens etc whilst attached to the cv, is this something that is allowed? or is this considered cheating etc?

The reason i ask is because i remember in the chat a talk about HV that just sits and shoots in PVP and it was considered unfair and obviously if im in PVP the HV is going to attack other players lol

So thoughts, answers etc?

I forgot that HV’s have auto turrets, what you just said is smart as fuck m8.

read rule 7 then you know your answer

well from what i can get from rule 7 that means something like this IS allowed? please i dont want to break any rules so just want a straight answer (forgive me ive had a hard day and wine has gone down well!)

Yes duke! i thought about it with a cube design i am going with, what iflike me, you play with two people? two HVs on the side acting as auto turrents to defend (so much better than CVs for some reason!) and a “open” cockpit on the front of the CV which had a open back SV built onto it…think of the gunfights and how much better it would be! 1 flys the CV on planet whilst the other operates teh SV weapons!

If you have an agile CV and that setup i feel it would be an animal should a certain clan deside to show up

Sorry. Yes, it is a nice tactic and allowed cause it is a game mechanic and no exploit or grief what would break rule 1 + 5 (7).

Awesome :smiley: ive already started to work on my little beast of joy :smiley: