Questional Base Attack

Our base was hit by the FED faction, however it looks very questionable. There are no holes in the ground other than the ones put there when building the base. Every single block has been removed, even the ones barried deep underground. The core was barried under the ground and under the water as well as 50 blocks away from the base, there were 3 bases with over 240 guns and turrets on just two of the bases, we also had guns on every ship, and there were 10 cvs parked with 30 guns minimum each on them. A hanger bay that had turrets as well. There was over 200k round of ammo for these guns and turrets. There is no way the bases could be taken without any holes from artillery or cannon turrets hitting the ground. We had a previous attack on our base that took 2 people 8 hours and over 500 deaths, and our defenses had been ramped up since then. Could an Admin please verify the logs and determine what has happened and if the hit was legit.

I’d also point out that the guy was boasting he could steal from o2 generators on a PvE planet, supposedly with Rex’s blessing, which obviously everyone on at the time severely doubted lol. I’d be mindful of their actions.

Also, would be helpful if you identified what faction your in and what playfield. You can also look at the logs to determine exactly when they attacked.

Yeah…guess it would help…Im in the XKH faction and our bases were on Venus. I have some serious doubts that the hit was legit. Their death counts are pretty low as well. As I said…the last people that tried to take our base were using drones to drain our ammo and still only managed to get an outlying ship and a sub base after dying 500+ time…so I don’t think they are playing by any rules other than their own.

If they removed your core (which they would need to do to steal your stuff) then the rest of your base would auto despawn in maybe in an hour or two.

Also, O2 generators (normal or emergency) can be stolen by anybody, at anytime on a PVE planet. Not sure why he is boasting about something anybody can do by pressing F, lol.

Indeed it really looks questionable. And I will ask FED to take a stand. I think I have a clue how they did it, but I need that confirmed.

Can you give me more details about the Bases that where taken. I only see Meenhouse, which seems to be not much…
Sorry for that.

Meenhouse was actually just our greenhouse. It was sitting on the beach away from the main base. The main base had 3 landing pads attached, with a Hanger bay sitting up on a hill. The Main base was a block style that was nothing but turrets. There was an elevator shaft that went all the way down to the lava level where at the bottom was one room with personnel turrets surrounding the outside as well as the inside. The cvs sitting on the pad (the locus, black mamba, cube) were all covered in turrets and made out of combat steel blocks. The carrier (the impressive) had the entire flight deck outlined in guns. The only cv that we had that was not loaded down with turrets and activedate, was the green goblin. We had over 200,000 rounds of turret and anti personnel ammo and there are no holes in the ground around our base, no tunnels. The core to our main base was 50 blocks out into the ocean, and burried. Once a block has been placed, the block next to it can be removed…which gives the impression of it being detached…that is what was done with the core…there were no blocks giving a trail to find it. One last note…I dont see a single hit on our main base…only the meenhouse. VERY ineresting to me.

I hope the info helps. Thanks again for looking into it for us.

Just curious as to what has been discovered (if anything).

Found your Main base, but the core is not where oyu said. But still the way they destroyed the Base is strange. They did not repsond yet. but i think also the Tool did not send the message to them. I will change that. lets see. I Got your Base out of Backup.

sorry i did not see your post from Thuesday … would have answered earlier :neutral_face:

It looks like it was an old backup. Dob had also added 30 more ammo boxes that I had filled before the attack. All of those are missing as well. After doing a little digging, I’m pretty sure I know who one of the guys really is. And if it is, that would explain the constant asking if I got his sign, etc… I would say more about it, but I won’t.

Ok. feel free to send us a pm if you want. Sorry for the old backup. I thought it was right before the attack… but its now a few days ago, so i guess i took the wrong one.

So we reproduced it + video proof + logs + save game to the devs.

The crazy result:
OFFLINE PROTECTION on NA does NOT work at all (on planets).


Every setting is the same… don’t ask me why :frowning: Hopefully the devs will find out.

Edit: Regarding the attack in general it was done legally. We reconstructed the case and had a discussion about this game mechanic month ago. I can send you the video if needed.

Dob and I saw that they decided to go attack that base again last night.We also figured they would try and provide some sort of “proof”. All they really did was gave us a pretty good laugh. They attacked a base that was nothing close to what they attacked originally. There were 40 fewer guns and 1/5 the ammo last night, than on the 28th. Not to mention, the core was in a totally different place. Nor were there any of the cv’s that were also covered in guns and filled with ammo or the greenhouse that had 16 flak turrets and 11 boxes of ammo. Dob and I stopped caring about what they did and moved on. We just are aware of Shaden’s identity and know how he operates. He has given himself away several times with his taunting. Last nail in the coffin for us was this: they died way more to an empty base with fewer defenses than they did to a full one armed to the teeth. Any “proof” they provided is a laughable attempt at playing “legitly”, as one of them would say. Dob and I are unfazed by them, and will carry on.

we have explained the situation to REX he knows how we did what we did and are justified in doing so. just because people dont die alot does not mean they cheated inorder to take your base we just had good attack plan enough said have a good day you know were to find us if you want to retaliate you are hunters after all come hunt us

yours truely FED

As shaden stated we have spoken to the REX about this situation. We are happy to provide any necessary proof of any of our actions to the only people that matter. The Admins. If you want to know how we legitimately attack a base feel free to defend it next time. As for the supposed quotations of global chat I will not get into a he said she said. However as there is no proof that I said the things I am accused of and there could not be as that is not what I said I will simply remind everyone reading this post that anyone can claim that anyone else said whatever they want. People who loose a fight / base/ ship are far more prone to slander than a victor. And despite the fact that someone is upset that they lost a fight this does not make their word any more credible. It is not my intention or the intention of my faction to ruin the game for anyone or make them quit the server. However. We have no intention of becoming carebears just because some people will get their feelings hurt if they lose a fight. In my experience most people who play a pvp game like this actually enjoy pvp win or lose. Sadly those that only want to win also seem to cry the loudest. This is sad but inevitable. We for our part will continue adding to the game environment by participating in pvp as often as we can.

I hope I sorted it out via PM and TS.
There were some communication problems here and there but the attack itself was done with normal game mechanics.
Again if you want to know how, let me know.