Questions to OPG and U-T

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> bug - exploit

Player(s) with issue:
=> member faction U-T and OPG

=> EU

Time (cb:time):

=> Eton

Structure Name(s):
=> Diamant 10.4_ice

Structure ID(s):
=> 19268001

How can we help you now:
=> we need justice

good morning there were so many questions to our friends. the first question is how do you have so many ammo on you SV

The second question is member faction U-T Rhino_shield why do you shoot through blocks

and last How do you spawn hover? what would he shoot through textures

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U-T does not tolerate cheating or exploiting at all. This looks like exploiting to me but need RexXxuS to confirm. Sadly I wasn’t present in event so I didn’t see.

If one of our members is punished for exploiting they also lose their spot in U-T.

If that’s actually the case, my deepest apology to faction RED.

You can see in video. Clear as day, Rhino shooting trough wall to destroy turrets on HV tower inside.

Hello everyone who is involved in the Eton Event.

Few notes:

  1. in the video I can’t exactly see what is happening and what @Chief-Recktless is doing. Normally at that position there is also a door. And even if not, hitscan needs a “hole” so to speak. As far as I know you can’t glitch with the camera and a moving ship into blocks by pressing the page up key.
    Maybe @Chief-Recktless has a video from his perspective to clear it up.

  2. Spawning HVs is a very bad compromise we had to make because the LandClaim Device + Regeneration of POIs are so bugged. So everyone can do it.
    But I see the event turned out to be a complete different gameplay than I hoped.

  3. Since HVs are involved all over the place, for offense and defense exploits are being used to shoot through blocks. I am currently collecting a lot of videos and savegames to report them to Eleon.

But for now, I hope for common human sense. If I see it gets more dirty I will pull the trigger again as I did last season. If too many cheater are ruining the fun, I will deactivate it on EU completely again.

I am currently handling real life organisation.
I’ll check the videos / punishments later in detail.


If you recorded the thing, paste the whole video, not just these short bits please.

as outstanding i need to say awsome glitch ship from OPG :smiley: hat up nice glitch design

Outstanding nr. 2 thing about the “wall shoot” remember … OPG shooting AAA GMC bunker last session or 2 session S8 you know what i mean … so its a Puls laser Glitch … everyone knows it … and CHIEF whas in GMC so he knows about this trick … fact

I think i know what happend here, and i talked with Rhino about it.

Currently empyrion doesn’t load doors unless you’re within a certain range.
This can be used, so you’ll shoot through the door, and for the enemy it looks like exploit.

Rhino didn’t know doors didn’t load, he simply thought the door was open, so he shot in, to try and kill the RED vessels.

I can’t do this in SP for some reason, but i’m pretty sure it works.

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why you complain for others ? “read on top” “will be good to see a video from the side of Rhino aka Chief engenier” …
btw Chief knows more about Empyrion then we all.

I didn’t complain for others. I simply told why i think it happend, and told that i told Rhino to avoid doing it the way i said it could have happend.

And i know who Rhino is.

the funnier thing is that awsome bugship builded from opg i like that glitch mechanism

What about another compromise? Instead of the land claim on the main POI, what about putting an indestructible LC on the four towers and expanding the blocks out to cover the entire area including the metropolis? Or perhaps a minibase built on the metropolis that’s nothing more than a LC for the same function?

Or expanding on TacoTroll make the planet elite builders league for bases and hvs


In your own picture you show where are doors. You see laser rounds going under walkway which means it is not going trough doors, but trough walls. Also you can see his name on the right. He is under door level.

It is very obvious what he or you said aint true (shooting trought doors).
It could be he made hole in wall and shoot. I dont know.

As Rex said. It would be very good to see his video and know what actually happened.

For now it looks like shooting trough wall or trough hole in wall.

Could also make it all elite builders league, put a portal down in ECC. Would make it interesting for sure.

Overall very interesting. Few issues with that I think:

  1. if the LC devices are indestructible and the zones overlapping the Metropolis, you still get a message saying “there are bases near you - can’t place a core”.
    But we could add another Story to the 4 towers around the Metropolis, so you really have to go inside and solve a puzzle / kill the LC device inside there. But

  2. if you kill the LC device during the run time, like I implemented with the HWS Factories, it can happen, that the Anti Grief zone is not instantly updated. You have to fly out of Eton and come back again to see the changed Anti Grief zone.
    Since playfield changes during a big PvP fight are mostly a guaranteed disconnect, it’s not that cool either :frowning:

That sounds as a better compromise but how do you get HVs to Eton?
Not everyone know the possibilities to fly with HVs from the Orbit down to a planet.
And CVs will never be allowed for Eton.

And nobody is going to build a HV from scratch… but maybe you should… have to think about that Story / Gameplay option…
Or I implement a quick PDA Eton Mission, which is really teaching / telling you to deploy HVs from orbits.
There are some cool movies around where similar things are realized and it’s cool :slight_smile: