Rads Rads Rads

So i was on this planet with 70+ rads and i want to know if there is a way to deal with that kind of radiation. The rad insulation seems to do only a plus 3 bonus against rads (which seems to be pretty bad) Heavy armor does also not have much protection against rads.

So i think the only way to stay healthy would be having lots of health packs around (the big ones seem to get you rid of rads too) but i haven’t found a planet for the rescources needed or a seller for rad pills and healthpacks.

Any hints or advice here?

Stay in cockpits don’t leave on foot, have your sv / hv dock into CV’s.

but then i cant plunder the pois :slight_smile:

Everything is under review at the moment but generally rads take a long time to actually take effect so it’s not a big deal… Just keep Radiation pills with you.

Its not like cold/heat that can almost insta kill


yes… but are there any traders who sell radiation pills and stuff? last time i looked the market was empty considering medical aid

make a close room with cockpit, toilet, showers, any others, things and use it every time to reduce radiation. try to dock to poi, door to door - and radiation will not cover you :slight_smile:

MARKET OPPORTUNITY :smiley: be the first bro be king and roll in those credits!

i did not find the fern needed for that pills yet :slight_smile:

You might want to go to the Elemental capital city, you will find a hospital with a pharmacist selling certain pills…

anti radiation pills… under the table :smiley:

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