Raided, then banned. Need help

Just got autobanned by the server for some asinine reason I also was raided by the NRA, faction ilegally on M32 by a capital vessel and three players. I’ve been trying to leave M32 for half a week now and every time I about have the funds to make a CV worth making pirates raid my base. I thought using a CV to attack people on M32 was a bannable offense and if so I feel NRA should be dealt with as such. Regardless of that non-sense

Could I at least get unbanned and maybe some of my donor package fronted, Idk.

I could pick you up tomorrow if you are desperate enough. Or just reset to a pve world.

Honestly I think I am, I just want a chance to play at this point. I even donated hoping that’d help me get some where lol.

Friend me of steam I can help you out tomorrow after 9pm est.

M32, NRA arent allowed to be on there since its an starter planet, you should report this directly to Rexxus so we can get this carebear scums out of the server.

Thranir buddy - save me a trip. Get this poor hopeless noob of the shit hole he started in. It’ll save me at least 100 pentaxit

Nah to lazy :wink:

But how come you got banned?

Well just so you know as per the rules I am totally allowed to go there to pick someone up and hearing how there is some hardcore ganking with CVs going on I feel that it’s fair if I don’t come alone cause I won’t feel safe… And if I understand this trader on trader drama right me being shot by a base turret I float over gives me the right to defend myself by killing everything and everyone.

Chat filter.

He was moderately salty.

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Well who is so stupid to go to an starter planet and use it as an excuse to blow up an base, come at my base instead… but the fun thing noone even dares come near it and its in plain open, people are so chickens in here…

Well then. I like my noobs thoroughly brined - is he ready?

You got banned like announced in the chat

@Solven: Enough! You got your warnings. 2 hours ban

Tut / NRA got punished already but try to keep calm still. Better ask for help. There are a lot who would like to PvP them to dead.