Rare loot

I think much would be gained from having rare loot in the game. Keeping current system with autominer and orbit stiorage.

If I were to build a server today i would limit the ores and mines with neodynium, erestium and zascosium. Thus making the use of high level guns something only a faction could achieve.

Sathium i would limit too. But not as much.

The Market and pvp would gain from it.

In theory fine but in practice hard to achieve.

Sidestory is that I had this idea in HWS 1 and 2.
But details such as where are the resources, who controls them, etc. will sooner or later cause some issues.

However with the possibilities we have now maybe more lucrative again.
Stargates are much more powerful than some people might think. Especially if you can fly with ships through big stargates in the future.

The OP makes a very valid point. The universe is awash with what are meant to be ‘rare’ ores. For me personally they were rare on day1 but thereafter i’ve had more than I could ever use. That was before I used the unbalanced v5 do:re packages.

Is it possible to make small meteorite and asteoride ores. And to spred it over many planets? A rare resource you can find randomly in small meteorites, for example, would not be controlled that easy.

And yes. There would be power struggle över deposites. But so what? Make it pvp.

In my mind rare loot being turrets with modified values

What @lovepack said I love this idea. If possible having rare loot be guns or turrets or blocks with armor with modified values would be awesome.

Not sure of course if game devs allow Admins to control these

That could also be the thing. Rare loot in the form of modified turrets. But i dont think ges vän modigt that.

Hmm gold is “rare”, and autominer cores also, together with epic weapons (up to some degree).

The only way to get these things (not taking in account the small gold amounts from the autominer… for which you need autominer cores for activation) is a journey into PVP and take the risk… which is good !

I think as Rexxxus made these really “rare” is one of the major HWS benefits. More “rare” stuff would be nice, but as Rexxxus stated out certainly not super easy to implement.

Suggestion, move Sathium, Neo and Penta completely to PVP space with maybe a few rare meteor drops in PVE so that noobs and PVE players can build easy spaceships.

Currently i fly to west peacekeeper asteroid rings and have unlimited Sathium, Neo, Penta