RE server containers too small dont waste your money

Just a notice to everyone after purchasing an XL resource package and linking to a container, coming from the NA server, turns out the containers are only 16,000 which cant even hold half of it.

Just so everyone knows so they dont make the same mistake i did lol

also the SV constructors are kindq pointless as well seeing as SV containers hold only 250, itll be good if you need to make 180 ingots but thats all it can hold

Sorry to hear you lost something but thanks for your help that way.

As a hint though: yes, containers are too small and yes, those hardcore Volume/Mass limits are not good for nice convenient features but you don’t waste your money if you adapt to that inconvenience:

  1. link your toolbar with the Container (Logistic + Wifi)
  2. as soon as the exchange window comes up where you pull items from the resource package right to your container left, there is a field where you can drop stuff.
  3. Drop everything that exceeds the limit and pick them up and put it to another container afterwards
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ya except things only last so long on the floor and in order to recieve all of the XL resource package i would have had to have about 10 large empty containers ready and mash the buttons to get it all on time. might wanna suspend the XL for the RE server or make the container space the same as the others, just a suggestion before you end up with some A hole who blows it outta proportion lol

its just with the XL package 6 of the items are stacks of 10k so theres atleast 6 full containers right there lol and for some reason i didnt have the box to choose to drop the items either otherwise i would have thats why i reported the issue its a little wonky atm. also cant collect regular patron resource packages for some reason either hence why i had bought an extra one haha

mkay, thanks. I’ll check that.

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there is also the f4 trick.

hit f4 and get an empty box ready. pull resources then put as much as possible in ur backoack. hit f4 and quickly click the arrow to dump everything to the box. the window will pop up with the remaining items to repeat the process. i think it only gives u this chance once or twice before everything else is lost.

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Don’t use regular containers, use cargo controllers with extenders.
That way you can have one box with the volume capacity of dozens of the large boxes.

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yas still figuring all that out with the extenders lol buuuut itt seems the actual container controllers themselves are still at 320k volume instead of 16k so that should work for the most part.
just so you have a little bit of a workaround if someone asks until it all gets figured out. kinda figured there would be little issues like this with it being a new server and all lol

just a thought, would it be possible to have the drop down on the left side so other structures could be selected without closing the window?

I don’t think @Jascha can manipulate the GUI that way but who knows.

might be problematic to tie it in with the logistics system. would be worth a shot though :wink:

sadly not possible.

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