Received Auto-ban

For some odd reason, I got an autoban from EAH tool. All I was doing was using the disassemble feature on the Teir 1 multitool, and breaking apart one of my own HVs. Thank you for your time.


hmm… 3 people on EU got somehow 1 Alien Block in their inventory. You too. This is a forbidden item for now. How you got that?

I unbanned you.

Very easily actually, do you want me to PM you my steps?

Yes please

I sent you the details now, and I may get autobanned depending on how the server handles it since I thrashed the block immediately.

I actually have no idea. Like I said, I was breaking apart my HV miner when I received it. @_@ I might have to go into creative and check out the BP to see if the miner has an alien block or something. At least that is a possibility, unless it would have appeared orange on my list. I’ll check it out. ^^

Yep, that was the case. Once I got back in, I noticed another alien block on the miner. How I got it in my inventory, was by using the disassemble feature on the multitool. Switched over my multitool to deconstruct, and broke it into components, so there is no further issue. ^^