Recon against guild ACP

As a result of an ACP attack on one of my birds ~yesterday, the Rescue Service is starting the usual recon sharing / trade sanction / supplying-their-enemies type protocol against them. After any of their profits from the conflict have been avenged, normal relations can resume and I can help them like anyone else.

here’s the data i had on them but was keeping to myself until this first-ever attack by them. As of yesterday they had a surface ocean base on homeworld planet at +7700 x -1200 , but today it’s gone. I’ve located one of their isolated ships somewhat near that location on the planet , east-ish of there. but I got spotted before I could capture it; the thing is probaby moved now. I’ve never spotted an ACP base on any other pvp planet.

Which of you are in conflict with ACP and how can I help?

I’ll help. What do you need me to do?

lol ranz
The ACP ship, looking to be a large SV and named the Dauntless, appears to have been set up for use as a trap for someone else, before I found it. It’s being watched pretty closely by its guild as is this thread apparently. but, it’s still there. also despite getting close from one side, I didn’t experience any auto turret fire.

Ask Rabid Badger about his ship you’re advertising, he fought valiantly but ultimately ended in his demise. Same would be to anyone who shares confidential information on ACP.

ya i should have mentioned you’ve been helpful to me in the past with info, blax, that’s appreciated and would tend to weight in on how much and for how long I push back (to the extent that i’m able).

-5700 x + 8000 is i think the location of the ship, ranz and blax are both hanging around it apparently. I may have written the second number down wrong, not sure… if so it would be +800 rather than +8000

two ships or structures there as of about an hour ago…probably both ACP. prox log reads:

“8 20:43 EndTheFed4 RSS 1 Homeworld Proto-5
8 20:44 EndTheFed4 RSS 1 Homeworld Dauntless C-130”

Need a ride home?

The players are still at the same location basically, usually about 1 or 2 of them…a capitol ship was there as of about 10 minutes ago; i think it was theirs.

either a third vessel has been spotted in this location or a vessel has been renamed.
“8 22:36 EndTheFed4 RSS 4 Homeworld Mobile Miner”

There is some indication that ACP has recently been conducting space patrols in fairly remote parts of Homeworld system, as much as 15km away from any planet. thus far their priority may be on areas that are on the plane of the ecliptic…as opposed to above or below it.

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ACP has a base on Concordia I think


thank u state

ACP has a land base on homeworld planet currently, looks like its going more for hidden than defended-with-turrets. +300 x +2400

around two hours ago I destroyed everything i could quickly find at this base (mentioned in my last post, above). I’ve gone ahead and cored it. there may be other stuff there, the base icon remained on my map…but i don’t think it was showing in my hud after i (sloppily) finished.

i’ve destroyed a mid sized ACP sv… which more than makes us even. am stopping attacks and recon against ACP until their next attack or what not against me.

That was a tiny HV that bugged up into the air, and since you admitted to it and I confirmed it on HWS, you will be hunted every time I see you to the point where you don’t even play the game because you logged off when you saw me coming.

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conflict with ACP has resumed due to blax (i think it was blax) keeping his promise above and attacking one of my sv’s. it was a fun fight though, sorry about my ship freezing up. also a recon report: I believe there may be some unattended ACP and/or TAW ships in low orbit around cebo.

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false alarm on the ships in low orbit…if they were there earlier they are gone now.

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As of about 10 hours ago there was an apparent underground ACP base on Homeword planet at -2600 x -1000, called “I will hunt you down” or something like that. The core is probably hidden and I doubt the base is a very lucrative target.

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