RED and SIH Base Tower shit

Hey look up to that Tower building of RED and SIH on Armageddon.
for Admins one of that Base is now UP you can have a look.

NA? or EU?

Did you happen to get an ID? or even a LOC?

Hi its on EU.

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Thx – Will need @Achilles to check that one out - My passport only lets me so far. :smiley:

At least we can see its along the NORTH WALL of Arma in HWS EU – If you happen to get a LOC or Base ID, would be fab!

The issue is the turrets being submerged? Will. Check it out soon :slight_smile:

Name of the Base: RED-Alert
ID: 33785039

We took that RED base so you could take a look. The SIH Base is despawned, because we could only have one base on arma. I haven´t the id yet

The Blue towers on the pictures was the RED Base and the Green Towers was the SiH base

Will keep an eye on the ruling for this as I have seen this in NA plenty. The base is submerged but turrets above ground. In previous posts I’d read that the base needs to be exposed but not sure it that still stands.

Defense lines have always been base underground and turrets on ridge etc…

Pretty SOP for a base that was dropped down. I see no issues as all the turrets are exposed. What’s the question?

The turrets are all exposed and can be destroyed. I mean they could have cleaned the turrets up some but they aren’t buried. Rex already ruled it’s legit too in a previous forum.

The turrets have to be exposed to a point of seeing the base… Terrain doesn’t deform like it used to with weapons so no the turrets I found on the base were not allowed… Most of them… Just 1/4 of the turrets showing isn’t fair…

I’ve said before use common sense… A Turret barrel appearing above ground and nothing else to be seen is not cricket.

And if the argument is they can be destroyed… Then make sure they are fully showing as then it makes no difference right :wink:

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It’s not my base so I’m good either way. In my eyes I agree with @Achilles. If just the tip was sticking out that’d be one thing but as people drop a lot of these mid fight personally I don’t make too much drama about it as long as they can be destroyed.

We actually stopped our fight on desert when @Upgrade let us know we had a turret that was glitching underground and cleared around it more to correct it. Those moles…:stuck_out_tongue: I LOVE TO HATE THEM!

When I found this on Lucifer @RexXxuS said “I checked it and the turrets can be killed if it is pvp soon.”
And RED turrets look the same so I’m confused why is RED guilty and this guys on Lucifer are not?? And on Lucifer at that time ground was impossible to dig.
Can you please clarify what is and not allowed?

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My response is all the time the same:

As long the turret can be killed - what is true even if it is partially visible I have nothing against stealth modes.


Having turrets 1/2 way underground isn’t even the most optimal for pvp. With the nice bright blue lights they put on all the turrets recently, most stick out like a sore thumb even at night (flak could use some lights on the barrel tip :slight_smile:). If they aren’t even shooting at you anyways then whats the problem really?

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