RED faction SucC.k3RS

So, after months playing, I quit because of this so called RED faction who have that indestructible bunker on golden planet.
That allowed them to develop and become the no. 1 power on this server. Not to mention that they are a bunch of assholes.

The problem is that I posted already they were building underground weapons (which by server rules its illegal), there were others who were complaining but the admin did nothing…probably they are donating for the server.

Secondly, it sucks that the offline protection is off and idiots like RED attack everything they can.
Its no wonder the people are leaving. So…Fucc.K you REDs…I hope you’ll remain alone on this server…Im heading to Oblivion despite some of you will call me “a baby” or something else.

First: RED has no indestructible Bunker. If you mean the EGS Bunker then it is TCH who paid for it 25 million credits.

Second: We checked couple of times turrets and at least at our checks we didn’t see turrets or removed them. You missed the part in the rules that you have to PROOF your claims instead of writing.

Third: OP is deactivated for a reason and as announced will be activated again on HWS 7 since it will be reworked and “fixed”.

Fourth: Play where you want, we don’t care. Just keep in mind that playing an alpha game where bugs can happen on any server is not healthy for you - obviously.

  1. Yeah, OK, RED / TCH…I think they are allied so doesn’t matter to me. The idea itself of having some indestructible should not be allowed.
  2. I made printscreens but something happened and did not save.
  3. I can understand bugs but I cannot understand a$$holes --> some people prefer exploring, some prefer PVP and other something between. Here you dont have any nice PVE planet to develop, or if you do…it is very limited. Wherever I am going, I must watch left and right not to bump into agressive players. YOu should have implemented a system that tracks attackers that have no reason and put them on a wanted list.

Seriously? What you are looking for does not exist on the internet, go make your own server and stop wining. I am a PVE player, and I am having a great time, the added risk of being able to take excursions to the PVP planets make them fun. There is an EVE online adage, that states: “if you cant afford to lose it, don’t undock it” same principle applies here. Seriously, grow up. Keep in mind that you do have the ability to uninstall and play a game that is more your speed… like vanilla minecraft or Roblox, I think my baby sister plays those.


I am talking about something more balanced…not having an entire faction coming and destroying your base for no reason for the third time. I am playing most of my time alone so those resources were hard to get.

You can close this topic…I will leave you guys PVP if thats all you know

They are not allied and 25 million credits are not easy to get either.
And if you would check the EGS Bunker you would see it isn’t imbalanced in any ways.

Hm, unfortunately we can’t help you in these cases then.

Atm you have almost more than 60% PvE. PvP is a risk you have to consider if it’s worth. But in ANY ways you always have to make sure to have a backup base in PvE (PEACEkeepers e.g.)
Not to mention OCD etc.

So even though I understand your frustration we can just give you all the benefits you neither have somewhere else nor is it your only way to play the game.

We working hard on HWS 7 to have it the best experience possible.