Red faction

I am getting a little tired of people complaining because the got taken apart by Red Faction.
Yes, they gang up on people, but that’s not against the rules. Their either lawless or pirates so what do you expect?
Yes, they will kick your ass if you stick around and try and fight them, but you’re in PVP space so that’s to be expected.
If you don’t want to chance getting shot at don’t go into PVP areas.
They have killed a few of my cv’s. I took it as a learning experience.
They taught me that my first cv may as well have been made of tinfoil it was so easy to kill.
They taught me that the hull on my second cv could stand up to a hell of a lot of abuse, but the weapons were all kinds of wrong.
They taught me to make sure I have a full warp tank and have already locked my escape jump before I try to grab resources in a pvp area.
They taught me not to have my music turned up so loud I cant hear my ship getting shot to bits.
They taught me not to stop paying attention to the game and have a good long chat with my son while in pvp space.
I now have a ship that can take a lot of abuse and hand it out as well.
I now have a backup cv all ready to spawn just in case my warp drive gets lag shotted and I get stuck in a fight I cant win.
So I thank red for the lessons they have taught me. I look forward to getting good enough to teach them some lessons of mine own.

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Although after there behavior after the disconnect I may change my mind.

yes thats the reason for the complaints tonight. People show up for a server test and RED take apart their ships.

People complain about RED not because of PvP. That can happen with everyone.

They complain because of unsportsmanship behavior, and abusing every loophole and rule they can.
If something can be used not the way its intended and be better cause of that, you can be sure RED will know about it and will use it.

What happened yesterday in GG is one thing.
Using overclass ships on GG and others because the take timer is 40 mins not 5 is another.
Etc, etc…