Redeem Back Reputation points?

Before everyone asks individually, thought id make the post :wink:

i had 19 or 20 and can’t build my base without them (too expensive otherwise)


Good question, just recreated SLH faction, guess Rex will put them back case by case if you got the HWS donator package.

I placed a base down and got charged 120k ish cr , and yes am a donator. Had 8-9 rp b4 wipe and Rex said in another thread that someone is looking at why donator rp didn’t get xfer over. Am sure they are busy. Just happy the update finally happened. :slight_smile:

It is in progress guys - sorry. A lot of work to clean everything up.

I told you that the hacker hacked Elemental Bank. We were able to redeem some codes and brought it back to 1%. We try to get it back to 3%.

Ahhh my bad, I thought it was odd you wouldn’t have stated the change :wink:

I was in a bit of a mood this morning mostly down to the T2 multitool…having to edit all BP isn’t a problem but you tried it recently???, takes soooooooo long i really hope the Devs fix for the new increase in HP…don’t want to spent my life in creative mode when i could be on HWS :disappointed:

So that and the prospect id have to tear down half the base because i wouldn’t be able to afford struck a nerve a little before work haha