anyone know how i can go abt getting a refund

More info, refund on which server for buying what and under what circumstances do you feel you deserve a refund :smiley:

If you mean on Empyrion that falls under steam refunds: less than 12 hours I think, and can only have had it for a few weeks max.

I thought it was only 1 hour playtime before you cannot refund.

You do know that this web site and this server are not owned by the company that makes this game ?. If you just want a refund for the game that your purchased from steam, the steam interface provides with an easy interface to do this.

I bought a Pepsi the other day that was piss warm. Can I get a refund?

You have 2 hours to refund a steam game. If it hits 2 hours on the dot, you can’t refund it.