Regarding Announcement (due to thread locked) for Clarification

So, I’m curious what constitutes the veteran player parking in inception as far as who gets punished here.

Now, I’m not a noob. I’ve got plenty of time on HWS, however, I reset to try out trader i think Sunday maybe? And don’t plan to warp till level cap… which compared to hunter starter is insanely slow and tedious…

So currently, I’m in inception with a single SV and limited cargo while working on the leveling grind which is basically limited to picking flowers, which again, slow by comparison. Best case is farm rotating and cruising for the very the limited mob to kill.

Now by hours played, I would fall into a non-noob demographic, but I also have no desire to warp out without the ability to spawn in a proper CV or BA because of level.

So just lookin for some clarification there regarding punishment in starter systems.

Also, and I had posted this in Discord before wipe time last night, but instead of overhauling and adding to alleviate the issue, just hard cap allowed cores per player until you warp out from starter. 1 core of each type (1 BA, 1 CV, 1 HV, 1 SV) per player, period, until you leave starter system. If you Faction up in starter, don’t crank up the allowance or let people double build… keep the limit, there’s no reason people can’t deal with it and then organize in PvE space after warp regarding spawning blueprints and organizing ownerships.

To expand on that, and if this is relatively easy to code in, simply have all cores the starter system run a check periodically… if owning player or faction is not system anymore, that ship/structure gets deleted. Basically… once you warp, you leave nothing behind. An object left behind, even if it’s for helping new players so to speak, is a derelict and taking up space.

Lastly regarding pirates/hunters ‘playing it safe’ in PvE space… Firstly, Hunters (is this really happening, btw?) impossible’ is just environmental hazards and hostile mobs… no reason you need to park in space full time. Build a base on planet, add O2 and a turret, boom… you’re safe. Really… that applies to everyone though… so no need for bulk crap parked in orbit outside wipe day.

Far as pirates… well, you chose PvP. Personally, I feel like Pirates need a special case where pirates can kill pirates even in Inception. Building in orbit, to me, is circumventing the system. It seems almost exploitative because it then allows a form of offline raid protection for an other full time PvP faction, and now you can just run to orbit and play it safe if things don’t go your way but still safely raid noobs and offline players. Now I know this has been mentioned in a form in the announcement, but still wanted to address it here. Either pirates need a special rule so no one can ‘play it safe’ in orbit anymore from the PvP role, or reverted to PvE entirely.

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Its also nice for new players to have access to a base or CV with resources so they can start and/or players leveling.

As for Pirates, its probably best turn to pve… but I loved the pvp start :slight_smile:

As being a pirate myself, I was on starter for no more than 20 min and I was outta the system. I don’t want to waste time killing noobs that just spawned in, I would rather be killing CVs and bases where the real loot is at. Somehow I am betting that the majority of players in inception space are pirates for the OP that it provides. So, I would have to agree with Ezze, make it PvE and be done with the camping, and wipe starter planets and space weekly at the same time, that’ll deter anybody from camping on starter system.

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