Relaunch Economy System!

Hey guys,

we released a new big patch for our Emp Admin Tool and with that a relaunch of the Elemental Bank / Economy System! No fake amounts of items or prices anymore. If you now trade there is a storage you trade from. The more you sell the higher the price for example. The prices are now dynamic which will be more fun to trade with.
The patch also included Transaction logs and a lot of tweaks here and there.

To get used with the new system please visit:
I will program a automatic way of showing which items are available at what prices. Coming this week…

And no, we didn’t forget the events. They will come also shortly - for now the coming weekend is planned. To recap this go here please: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=41

We also went back to the roots and increased the difficulty regarding available items. A lot of survival items have been removed. But don’t worry it is a preparation for the upcoming big thing. The possibility to trade directly with each other and the big Trading Station which we will start to build. In this Shopping Centre there will be a lot of different shops were Trader can rent their places there and sell their stuff. If no Trader is available there will be NPC Trader who will take care of the deals.

Sounds good? There is so much more we will do… Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Awesome update :slight_smile:
I would recommend to build some landing pads in that Shopping Centre as well - Hiigara Ship Traders Co. is currently working on several comissioned ships for other factions - that centre could be a nice spot to sell or buy ships :slight_smile:

sounds like alot of work for you, and awesome job when its done :slight_smile: