Removing Inactive/Removed Players from Faction

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

If you can Please remove the following individuals from TAW Faction Roster.


Hello @ICE

a lot of the mentioned members in your list does not exist anymore.
From that list and which I could remove is

The only other one could be “Gambit” without a X, but not sure.
Rest isn’t in our system anyways.

Gambit is correct please do. i am not sure why they don’t show on your side they show as in our faction.

Ok done.

Because the game checks (removes) members only if their file is synchronized with the game.dat file, where all factions etc. are listed. As long as they do not login once, it does not get updated properly in your F4 list.

A detailed rework of factions is planned :pray:

Perfect thank you for assistance.

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