Removing the "You Need a Warp Drive" warning noise

As the title states, is there some way you guys can get rid of the dinging noise that accompanies this warning or at least stop it from making the dinging noise after a set number of times. The warning comes up even if the ship you are in is equipped with a warp drive. There are a lot of people living in deep space and staying out there for an extended period of time is maddening to listen to that every 5 seconds. If its not something you can do maybe you could give us the config setting so we could shut the noise off client side? Thanks in advance.

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+1. We could put this on the official pub forum and every pvp’r will agree.

It’s not really saying you need a warp drive. It’s thinking you’re trying to fly to a planet in the distance and you don’t know you need to warp there. Which does happen.

Regardless, it’s annoying, agreeeeeeeeeee!!

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very annoying… +1

+1 it’s maddening this should be a quick fix


Warnings message “you are leaving the playfield” now only appears every 60s and in a distance of 15k in in SP and 50k in MP.


oh please make an option for us to remove this soooo annoying msg!!!
its bad enough the shaking character

Well it will be gone short of 50k from planet soon - at least in MP.

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