Repair Bug / Strange Happenings

Ok, so having just been shot to shit but managing to get my ship back to base, I landed on the repair pad to fix up the damaged blocks. Some thrusters, hangar door, a good few blocks, ships repair bay, ramp and some other bits and pieces all shot off and gone.

Repair block started repairing then stopped. Still at 93% health. Started to repair manually and as soon as I started with the multitool, repair block fired up again for 5 seconds or so then stopped. This happened 2 or 3 times so I figured Id record it. Tried to start my screen recording software which decided it wasnt going to work, so I logged out and rebooted my machine. On logging back in to the server, ship was completely restored to BluePrint, all blocks replaced and 100% health.


Sounds like a great bug :smiley: lets try reproduce it

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That is a great one indeed. Mega ultra super repair bay FTW.


Yep, I should clarify that Im not complaining in any way shape or form!

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