Repetitive & Unique Bug (Posting at request of Hopskotch)

My friends and I have identified a bug - so far we have only seen this issue with SVs and HVs.

The bug: Generators are unable to produce power past 2%. This prohibits ship movement, generation of thrust, etc. We have attempted to remove thrusters, remove fuel tanks, etc - all efforts to remedy the problem have failed. Admin assistance has attempted to move ship, this also failed. Attempted to move ship to separate playfield, this also failed.

This has occurred on G1, G2 (with HV from my own personal experience), and in Guardian starter space. Again, problem unique to SVs/HVs - as we have encountered thus far.

Cannot locate problem existing for others online.

Neither I, nor the other two individuals within my faction share the same public IP or hardware - although we all do use variants of Win 7 OS. We all access Empyrion via Steam.

The only common factors I can identify are: we are in the same faction, we are in the same city, and we are all members of the Guardians faction.

This problem has been encountered at least three, possibly four or five times with different SVs. I have also encountered this problem three times with HVs while mining on G2.

Our only remedy has been to completely disassemble the ship and rebuild from blueprint.

We were initially concerned the issue could be with legacy items from when we built the ships in creative - but not all of them have been built in creative. To my knowledge, the problem exists with ships that were constructed in Creative mode (two SV variants) and with ships that were not created in Creative mode (the HV).

I’ve tried to provide all the information I can regarding this unique bug here. Should you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me here, via email, or in game (HappyTex).

Thank you, and good luck!

Additionally, we tried to utilize the cb:getshipdown:ID command at the behest of Hopskotch - The ship moved around and resettled, but was still unable to generate power past 2%.

Checked with my buddy - the old HV we encountered the problem did occur from a Creative mode ship.

Same with the rest - I mistakenly thought some of our small SVs that got stuck did NOT come from Creative mode, but on double checking they did. We have yet to experience it though with our CV from creative mode, nor with our HV that we have used for a bit that was a Steam Workshop (assuming created in Creative mode).

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