Replace Pyramids

Is there a way to replace all Pyramid blocks with normal cube blocks? Replaceblocks doesn’t seem to have a option, though I may just be missing it.

Really hoping there is a way otherwise, I could end up wasting a ton of time replacing pyramid blocks on my ship, just to find out it’ll be too large anyway. :frowning:

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Eleon seems to have killed his thread on the forums, but there’s the link to his tool.

And how this tool works? I try it couple weeks ago. And nothing

Not sure tbh - I know it runs through Python and that’s about it.

Maybe some more tech savvy person knows. He did an actual release on the Eleon forums, and it vanished the same day he posted. That link is all that remains from an older thread.

Interesting… However, I couldn’t get it to work. The “documentation” leaves much to be desired…