Replacement BeamMeUp Ships

Dear Rex and the teams,

The curretn Beammeupships tend to lead to a constant slew of questions (particularly at start of the season) due to:

  1. Vertical thrust being insufficient to take off
  2. The current versions suffering from the all Y/P/R sliders set to 0 by default.

These are Beammeup ships for the three factions with downthrust and upthrust increased and SV detector added. The original beammeup template was copied whole onto a new SV base which was then removed and the blueprint resaved. I’ve tested them in SP and they don’t get the Y/P/R slider issue.

BeamMeUpFederation.epb (4.3 KB) BeamMeUpFreelancer.epb (4.3 KB) BeamMeUpPirate.epb (4.3 KB)

I also sort of miss the days when the beammeup was a bit more special. Here are three alternative T2 versions for the main origins, still based on the beammeupplatform:
BeamMeUpTrader (Federation) Has some trade and repair additions:
ATM, 1 16ksu CV container controller, equipment repair bay, SV constructor.BeamMeUpTrader.epb (4.4 KB)

BeamMeUpExplorer (Freelancer). Has some exploration focused additions:
Small growing area, HV clone chamber, CV detector (exploring), HV Drill turret, Greatly expanded fuel capacity for long journeys

BeamMeUpExplorer.epb (4.1 KB)

BeamMeUpHunter (Pirate). Obviously has some combat focused changes:
5 (+1 overlimit) plasma cannons, some hardened steel armour, jet thrusters for much higher top speed than non pirate, CV detector for hunting.

BeamMeUpHunter.epb (4.6 KB)


What if I told you that it’s a bug? :frowning:
I saved it 1000% with all sliders

Maybe spawning ships via the mod API makes them 0 ?

Either way I appreciate you taking the time into this and I will check your ships and let you know :slight_smile:

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Can confirm. Fionn has a very good point!