Reputation 3rd request

3rd request: Once again Hats off to the job you guys are doing. I have this one issue. I bought reputation at EGS for about 180,000 credits 2 days ago and have not received it. Just now I have a rare container (Guardian) and an epic weapon in my inventory and the cargo container didn’t disappear and I still have no rep. Please help me on this. The rest of my faction hasn’t had any issues in this area. Only me. Thanks for all you do. Keep me posted

Oh my days, true story I did it on EU then realised it’s na… Then I got myself locked out of NA tool then had to resolve.

Then some one else pings and guess what…

Achilles forgets.

You will recieve compensation for the time It’s taken… My apologies

When I am home in approx 5 hours you will see it all there and thanks for the patience…


Thank you…All set