Reputation for Laser ond pentax

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18 09:01 Faction_Bonus Received 5 RP for warping,No Epic weapon found. No RP received
17 09:01 Faction_Bonus Received 5 RP for warping,No Epic weapon found. No RP received
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Adding 2 screenshots from each day with epic laser and pentax.
Something changed or it stoped work or something, could use that rep.

I’ll add a bit of myself - i am not receiving the 5 RP for warping on sanctuary for the first warp of the day (warping while holding laser ofc).

21 09:01 Faction_Bonus Received 5 RP for warping,No Epic weapon found. No RP received

I got up from bed to check if i have that in inv. Did something changed?

@Fulgrim You can’t receive anything if you are not playing on Sanctuary anymore.

At least after the date you last time played on the server. (Changed means your last visit on the server)
And before you got your RP for warping.


@Elfias you didn’t get RP today for example because you as Freelancer hadn’t the Epic Laser Rifle.
After all these “assumptions” Jascha coded cool stuff to show what really happened and that is what it is:

No Epic Laser Rifle. No gun, no RP.

For your 18th claim you wasn’t even on Sanctuary at 9AM (you did CSW)
and for the 17th claim you had neither the weapon nor your Pentaxid.

Sorry guys… that is bulletproof and I really try hard to find any bugs which are caused from our side but in the end that was a LOT of wasted time for me.
No hard feelings, really. But after so many wrong claims I probably will close such tickets in the future for just counting them as “player errors”.

We try though to give you EVERY information in the logs possible in case you forget things too easily too often.

I dont know i do everything like before…Ill describe you precisely as i can what im doing.

About 10 in morning I log into Sanctuary where i play as i have production base there.
I check my inventory to be absolutly sure i put Epic Laser and Pentax in there…I have that.
I go to Connect, open player log and check if theres message i got rep…No Rep.
I go back to game, check i have all required and I had that, i took a screen of what i have in inventory when i logged after night.

I go to do daily routine, so around 11 in morning I csw to NA, go to bank, taka out OAMs.
I csw to EU, visit bank put all into bank, take out OAMs.

I go to GG and do some pew pew there.

When night comes I hear call of Sanctuary, I csw there, go to base and check if i have all I need for rep and log off.
Its late night or early morning.

I sleep in my bed on Sanctuary during 9:00.

I woke up check inventory etc.

So I play on Sanctuary, Im there nearly everyday, Im pretty carefull I have laser and pentax in my inventory before i log of there around 2:00 in morning, im there durring 9:00 offline and around 10:00 to 11:00 I log back into game on Sanctuary.

Im not doing this to waste your time, It seems im doing it to waste my time. No hard feeling really.

Really Rexxx i dont know, I dont know what was 17 and 18…but what was today. I logged in 2 hours ago on San, i had all necessary for rep gain. What am I missing here, it might be my fault, but what am i missing, i log out in late night, with all i need and im logged of during 9:00 with that stuff in my inv.

I tried it on EU with Lawless, exactly as i try on San, it worked. Forget about it, ill be sleeping on EU then, focus on important things…I can adapt, 1 rep is not that much.

Anyway Ill try it again as i do it lately, and will make a video. If Im doing something wrong it will be clear and you would tell me.

First and biggest problem.
Don’t know your timezone but please always speak in server time format. 10 AM is too late. It is 9 AM for RP stuff.

Nope, as you see in the second screenshot above. You had a Minigun and Pulserifle, not a laser rifle. Wrong guns at the wrong time.
Maybe you was too tired to difference the guns, hmhm

I just checked second screenshot i dont have minigun there at all.

Not this is really starting to be weird, let me download the screen, go to photoshop, compare to screen of laser rifle etc, as…i might be crazy

Im talking about screens i posted here, screens you posted doesnt seems like my inventory but thats too ago to be sure.

We saving backpacks every minute and that is what you had today at night. Not now!

Your posted screenshots were about 17+18th.

Ok lets forget about this for now. I trully belive im doing it all right. Ill be documenting it with times etc, then we can compare what i will have and what you see.

I had laser rifle and pentax today during night and after logging into san in morning in my inventory 100%. I really got up from bed when i finished watching movie to be 100% sure.

I exactly know what you think, that i for example log off on EU and think i was on San etc. but the problem is theres only 1 my base so i cant log off in my base on EU as i dont have any there.

So its sure i log off on Sanctuary. Now I see that without video i wont prove im putting all into my onventory before looging off, and that i have that in inventory after logging in.

Our time is same Rexxx, also Im logging after 10, calculation is at 9 so even if its at 10 i still log off later. But really ill collect everything and show you, this is not going to work :slight_smile:
Lets take a look when ill have some evidence.

One more idea … is it possible that when i log in on San, quickly put Laser rifle and pentax into inventory and log off that im in game so shortly tool wont even register me?

As i do it in minute maybe less, just pop in, take it, check it and logg off.

That is the whole drama I guess after I tested it with Fulgrim.

If you pulling stuff in your inventory ~40 seconds before logging out it is a too small time window for the tool to register your inventory. The content is saved every ~1 minute.
For now we don’t see any solution for it.

I mean that 60 seconds shouldn’t be a problem to stay in the game… washing your teeth… going toilet… thinking about what you dream in the coming night etc. so much you can fill your time until logout :stuck_out_tongue:

But rushing things is never good for all of our stuff like zone recogniction etc.

Ok ill try it. Rexxx im not doing anythoing to keep you occupied going through loggs for whole day. I just do as im used to and sudddently its working much less.

Ill try today and make sure im in game for 5 minutes with laser and pentax before ill log off. And yes 60 seconds is ok for sure…

Lol you sarcastic bastard :smiley: (no offense) Dont forget last time i was right, we saw less than you in log than you in tool, you should be happy we are tryharding to find all the problems (and use them to our advantage :smiley: )

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Yes, sorry Rexxus - my post was due to being unawre of one of the workings of the system. I tough that the RP for warping was immedietly given, i wasn’t aware it was given at the same time as the passive gains.

Implemented it in tool. Will be updated soon. Thanks for the information

Thank you both!

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