Reputation Inquiry

not sure why but my rep was above 37 a week ago. didnt log in for a few days and now my rep is 0.

I’m with him. Same faction, i’m an admn and he’s the owner, 0 rep. I haven’t played in a few weeks due to helpng my mother clean out her place and prepare it to sell it.

this was before the wipe as well.

I got all the reputation of the donators back and added them to your current reputation. Enjoy.

Hi I just wanted to share that I have been on a faction ( trader) since 2 days ago and I made my warp everyday. Im not getting any RP. Same as cant get my supply.

Player: SpiritMia

Thank you.

Please read the forum post about the changes to the trader faction. Cliffnotes version: you only get RP now if you have ocd level 3 or above.

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I will thank you

i did not receive any faction rep for being in alliance but my faction mate, who has been in the faction slightly less time than me did receive his 7 rep today. he also transferred me around 60k credits that never appeared in my bank account. i don’t care about replacing the credits or anything but i would like to be able to gain faction rep and know how to keep this from happening if possible.