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So I have been just going with it for a while because I couldnt be sure about it til now, but I am certain the RP system is not working for me as advertised, in regards to traders. The point at which I became absolutely certain was just now after checking my RP. I warped yesterday morning at about 0600 Eastern, and played another hour and a half after that. Then I got on and played atleast four hours yesterday afternoon. Last time I checked my RP was in the low 30’s (this was day before yesterday. As of this morning, my RP is 25. Again, doesn’t impact me as much since really it only affects me in terms of rent for our outpost on trader world, but I am curious how I could have 300+ hours in the last two weeks, less than 100 deaths since 4.0, and still be hemorrhaging RP every single day, despite warping daily, and putting in a stupid number of hours on the server.
Thanks in advance for the help

Can I get some clarification here please? As far as Ican tell it says that each in game hour I should get 2 RP if I warped that day. I warped yesterday, and played atleast ten hours after that. Got 2 RP.

Ill look at it the next days. Sorry. Was gone last week an did not see the post earlier

Ok i checked your activity log and everything is fine.
But I foud the missunderstanding:
You thought its if you warp that DAY… but you have to warp that HOUR. The guide sadly still had the old description. I changed that. Thanks for letting us know.
I gave you 70 RP as a thank you.

Sorry for the confusion.

ahhhh. Ok so you changed the guide? Or the Day vs Hour in the calculation. Am I not allowed to sit still and mine once I get to a system if I want RP? lol considering how much I build this may become a slight issue, especially compared with alliance who get RP for just… being. I dont suppose there is a way to see if I have posted or filled a market order in that hour? that might make for a better metric for RP for traders.

Seriously?! We have to warp every hour to get RP?
What kind of play style requires anyone to warp every hour?

Sit still and collect RP vs. warp around the systems like an idiot … you want the whole server to play alliance?


And as icing on the cake, traders loose 4rp on death. and other faction can more or less sit on their thumbs and RP ticks.
Traders needs to jump once every hour to get 2 RP, and to mine astroids, caring for their Autominers. run between constructors, check markets. Well other factions might do that also but they get their RP nevertheless in or out of PvP zones, warping or not.

The whole thing will change with 5.0.


RP = Reputation Points = a reward to be active, famous, beautiful and so on…
IF you want to become all of this a Trader of this kind do this. If you’re not, well your problem.

But yes, wait plz

Ya this is why I have been trying to figure out why I had no RP. Like ever. FORTUNATELY, and also the reason I am not really upset about the amount of RP, RP is useless for traders now that ocd cant be used in pvp. You just need > 1 RP in order to call in your fa:supply. So I am ok with waiting for a rewrite when things arent already hectic and crazy prepping for 5.0. Just as long as I am able to get barely above 1 RP once a week to call in the package, Which now that I know the problem, I can do

So Alliance achieve this by just sitting on their asses … gotcha.

So we’re not really supposed to be traders, we’re supposed to be truck drivers … what am i supposed to transport that requires 1 warp every hour? In 1 hour i can’t produce or mine anything that requires me to go out and warp.
If I’m supposed to warp every hour, ill be spending the rest of that hour farming crystal, not producing goods!

I think it’s a completely unbalanced system, just look at how many moved from Trader to Alliance … that should be a hint. Everyone and their grandma is Alliance these day. The few who stay behind as traders apparently needs punishing for some reason.

Anyway, I’ll quit ranting now … it’ll be changed in the next patch, i’ll settle with that.

Hmmm, prbly sticking out here.

Is there any planned RP wipe in the pipe when the 5.0 comes?
Wondering because every other faction not trader is “hoarding” RP and traders …

If i got it right, when u get killed u loose amount of RP and amount of gold, if u dont have RP u loose butt load of gold instead and the RP goes into negative?

And RP is in the TAX calculation.

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