Request for changes about Volume/ Weight

I’d like to request that since a system that overall has got nothing but hate from the empyrion community is about to be turned on, that we have access the numbers Rex and his team are working on putting in. This way we can change our base designs etc before A10 hits live and with it the new season. As it stands anyone that has a donator space and a space station in it, all their boxes will be wrong and overall useless. In order to have a fair playing field and not a ton of frustration, we need to know the goal numbers sooner rather than later so everyone can change their BPs.
My biggest concern is what a character can carry, in pvp you have to carry spare parts in case your ship gets lag shot, spare blocks for emergency repairs, etc. This is a huge part of the PvP meta so I consider this change to be a massive pvp issue. Rex put forth that we can use heavy armor and mobility x4 boosters… but the issue is that in pve you will die in pois super easy, and pvp dont get me started. So if that is the case if we are expected to run with that just to carry any amount of supplies or things for pve/pvp then epic armor is worthless. Unless it gets a sizeable buff. But overall this a topic requesting the numbers that Rex and the team are thinking of putting in. I want this change to a great thing for the server but witout feedback from the community on what is needed on our side it will end up in a disaster.

To wear a mobility booster in PvP for the sake of carrying spare parts just means you’ll die to the bad environment usually found in PvP sectors once a enemy blast a hole in your ship. Only time will tell I guess.

Most of these values are already implemented, but just disabled. The volume you have right now, is gonna be the volume next season too.

And i mean the volume on HWS has been implemented. Vanilla volume isn’t the same.

Dark are you sure in the post he said he would be tweaking all the values by a lot for next season.

He probably will be, but right now you have an “ish”

I am definitely looking forward to getting volume and weight in the game. It will change ships across the board…no more one size fits all, for all purposes, and without limitless cargo.

It will be an exciting time. Everyone is going to have to choose carefully now what they fly, and having protection might actually mean something now.

This is incorrect. Values will be changing. The system is still being worked on.

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