Request for the awesome HWS!

Hey Rexxxus, I noticed on the server the offline protection stuff is only set to 1 day 10 hours and I wondered if we could get that changed to 5 days, so CVs/ BA etc dont get deleted for at least 5 days also, jumping from server to server playing a few days at a time on each, multiple games at different stages, I find HWS the hardest to keep track off, has the shortest limits there.

So to save from loosing Cvs etc, I was hoping that could be changed and extended a few days, also there must be people that work that just cant get in there every day sort of thing.

Cheers in advance mate.

That’s what peacekeepers are for, if you need to take a long break and need somewhere to park your nice cv where it is safe.

Hello and welcome @piddlefoot!

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

While @Androniko1 already mentioned a good point about the Peacekeepers I also want to highlight our Stealth feature.

I know you are playing on a lot of servers and you probably know that HWS has so many features, it’s almost a new game :wink:

The OP time was prior our Config and we will ask the community if the times are still good or needs to be adjusted.
Before we had OP for one year turned off. So still in adjusting phase.
Will let you know then.

Ok thanks for the replies, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use in game mods to take advantage of Offline Protection.
I appreciate the mods have some cool uses, but I would still just prefer the simpler offline protection time adjusted to around 5 days.
I usually try to play the game without using any mods at all, I haven’t even activated the bonus recourse package you get with the CB:Survival command so Im hoping for a more defaultish fix if possible.
More importantly things we build don’t get deleted for 9 days, which is ok, it would be best if offline protection matched its 9 days in my opinion.

Thanks for your replies.

Hi. this is the worst idea i heard all year.

Happy holidays

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If you want your stuff to be safe then park it in a safe place. Raiding is a fact of life in PvP zones.

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Im pretty sure I understand PvP in Empyrion dude !

I just think the developers solution to it is better is all.
Its also better for new players to the server to use the developers system.
They know before they enter the server its safe to be stuck at work for a few extra days with no PC access and not loose anything.
New players, most that I chat with on steam, which is a lot of people never go to a servers forum first, they play on the server before they go to the servers forum and learn the hundred extra things there are to learn with HWS.

Why is it so bad to use the developers system ?

How does it change your game play in any way ?

A ship being under a shield for 3 days, is no real difference to 5 days, if I was asking for a month or 3 months then fair enough, server ends up littered with garbage, but 5 days, how is that so bad ?

How is it good for the server if that player cant get to the server to save his / her stuff because they are stuck away from home, and not parked in a ‘‘safe zone’’ this is especially true over holiday periods, and new players that loose ships to this will likely just go to another server.

You might say its ignorant for that new player to not have visited the HWS forum first, but that would be an arrogant position to take considering new players are on such a steep learning curve and cant be expected to know everything before they join, or sometimes get into trouble on the server before understanding it all.
HWS does well in how its set up the start of its game, lots to learn, heaps of info to take in, a new player is expected to remember all of that on top of learning the game at the same time ? Please.

Some flexibility with the time they have spent at the start of the game would go a long way.

There are lots of people on holidays right now, is it fair OP protection drops on them also, the safe zone is a very nice option, but it should be that, an option not requirement for the first 5 odd days.

Anyway thanks for replies, I would like to know how a few days makes a difference though ?

I don’t think it’s generally a problem for new players losing stuff to PvP as they are safe in starter zones and PvE zones. There are many PvE zones to safely park. PvP zones are supposed to be high risk/high reward. It would be bad for the server and incredibly abusable to have 5 days of offline protection. “Stealth” is a much better solution.

I’m not trying to be arrogant, that’s just the way the setup is. You have to look at the bigger picture. This server is far from a hardcore PvP server as it is, and If you make PvP so that it’s totally safe and there are no stakes, then nobody will care about it and it becomes boring.

Who said anything about making PvP totally safe, its just flexibility so we don’t loose stuff if were away for a week.
Doesn’t effect how you play PvP at all really.

Anyway I would thank you guys for your replies, I notice the remove structures has changed from 5 days to 9, and that’s was the main problem, loosing stuff just because you couldn’t make it to the server, that’s at 9 days now so thanks very much for considering this minor change for the better.

That’s what I was referring to when I said offline protection, more that you don’t have stuff deleted, not really about the shields.
My poor word terminology, sorry.