Requests (when/if you have time)

OCD option to ONLY OCD the inventory and not the toolbar. Often the toolbar holds my weapons, medpacks, food, etc. Now I constantly have to put them in ammo/cargo/fridges boxes all the time. I actually personally need this command more than the put:all.
Or I’m servicing autominers, but I don’t want to OCD my fuel but I do want to OCD everything else. Right now I gotta drop/store the fuel before OCD-ing. Not ideal.

OCD:PUT:TB // toolbar only
OCD:PUT:IN // inventory only

Command to put HWS autominer contents straight into OCD. Like I have 9000 blue crystals and I don’t want to get them all in small batches only to immediately OCD them.

More frequent POI- and deposit wipes on PVE server because they make up a larger part of the activities there. It’s only building & POI hunting.

Again ONLY if/when you have time and if you feel that this is useful. Thanks for the awesome server!

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Also we assume that it’s morally okay to stay on starter planets on PVE server because well… Almost everything is pretty much PVE anyway. But I feel that some guidelines/rules do not apply to the PVE server anyway.

Also perhaps remove the RP requirement from the 4 PVE planets on PVE server? Makes no sense to me. This server really needs it’s own guide more or less. It’s so different from the PVP ones. But I know… Time…