Resource Package M

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What happened: Resource package M not available
Player(s) with issue: Chaplain 515
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Now
Playfield: All
Structure Name(s): All
Structure ID(s): All
How can we help you now: Just wanted to find out if the resource packages are a one time use or if I was supposed to be able to use it over and over? Thanks!


Get a HWS Resource Package in exchange with your RP per package. Available commands:

  • do:rp:m -> gives you one Resource Package M for 3 RP cost per package
  • Content of Package M:

I’m pretty sure @RexXxuS has cleared this up before already. I’m pretty sure it’s a one time use per purchase, it costs 3€ and 3RP per resource package M.

It’s marked permanent because it lasts forever until you claim it, even through wipes, but is one time per purchase.

@RexXxuS, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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Okay thanks guys. I wasn’t 100% sure. Even the donor stuff resets once a season starts so just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

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