Respawn place after dying

Hi there,

I was with my friend on Lava Planet (around 02:00 AM GMT+1), and died because of a temperature. Unfortunately for some reason unlike my friend i didn’t have an option of respawning at Clone Chamber on our Capital Ship which is currently located in ECC space (near trading station), so I chose fresh start. Is there a possibility of returning me back into Capital Ship? Its current position is E/W Position 106, Height Position 67, N/S Position 48.

Thank you

Always check your your home spawn before and after changing playfield.

There was no home spawn option at all, and this isn’t a solution for what I’m facing with right now.

We’ve all been through this, to set your home spawn location select the base or cv you want to spawn at, check “home” on the main menu in the console then do what I’ve written on the post above so it doesn’t happen anymore, I hope the admin will help you. Last time it happened to me I changed origin…

Yeah, I know it now :confused: We thought it’s done automatically - You know - when the fraction owner sets the home location, it’s for all team members. Unfortunately it’s not. Anyway, we’ll see if admin will help. Otherwise I’ll be forced to look for an alternative solution. Thanks.

Can’t find you under the “walker” name ingame so I can’t help you.

I’m not on the server right now. I’ll be there in about 6 hours, at 6pm (GMT+1), I’ll let You know then. Thanks.

Hi admin, I’m on the server right now.

As he said, he needs your in game name to be able to help you.

Provide those details and he can help even if you aren’t online.

That’s my name “walker”. With the fraction indicator it’s “[ŚIM] walker”.

Never mind. It’s done. One of good players helped me to reach the target. Thanks.