Return of Darkworld

Somehow I missed where Darkworld was removed, any chance of it returning? This was a planet I frequented for the gold, the POIs and for the occasional fight in pitch black, and it was awesome.

Just my 12 cents, figured I would make it here since nobody else has that I have seen.


Darkworld was fun and scary to fight in I give it that. But I feel with the night vision goggles Darkworld will have lost its jazz. Either way would still give another PvP planet to fight on.

Make it 24/7 fog or radiated fog and I would still be pleased. So much for night vision!

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Love those moments when a simple mob around the corner scares the shit out of you. ONLY IN DARKWORLD.

Hate that planet

Dark world did offer variety in experience - which is valuable in a multiplayer server universe (very difficult to keep the content varied and fresh). I would see a value changing one of the current nice sunny planets into a dark world.

The story could be that a cataclysmic event had befallen that world since last season…

As often said: Zirax HQ is the EXACT copy of Darkworld.

Ah whoops…

Sorry !


One suggestion I have, can we make it heavy fog 24/7, or radioactive fog 24/7?