Rexxxus LE - 4.5kT of pure awsomness

After huge comercial succes of Economy Class CVs up to 50 devices - Nexxxus, Lexxxus and Plexxxus (below)…

…I proudly present something for the rich.

Named after succesfull designer of many CVs in this class here comes…

RexxxusLimited Edition…

Combat specifications:
Made whole from combat steel with up to 3 layers of armor Rexxxus is surprisingly light.
Comes with 4 minigun turrets, 1 plasma turret and 2 front pulse lasers, while it can carry artilerry turret and rocket launchers if its customers wish.
Large docking platform at end of Rexxx offers comfortable and partialy protected place for even largest SVs or many motorbikes.
All important parts are well protected in belly of this beast while components which can cause chain explosion are safely separated.

Rexxxus - living in luxury
Rexxxus comes with fully equiped living quarters for all your comfort. 2 constructors, Food Processor, T2 Fridge, small garden, O2 station, Medical station all easily in reach. Cosy place where you can screw your partner and small office included.
This CV will spoil you, living quarters made in natural wood, pilot seat made from mule skin.

Its not a shame in being rich.

Its up to you…you can have it or you can just stand behind window watching others living in luxury.
Rexxxus will more than satisfy your needs.


Il order one…

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Ha, awesome! :slight_smile:
You know, there are people crying, blaming and struggling about the 50 devices and there are people who see it as a challenge for their creativity and start to make something cool out of it. It could be also THAT time to sell those ships and earning credits x)

Thank you for that refreshing post and the cool screenshots.

P.S.: … There is a X missing in the name though :smiley:

Founder of SDM (Size Doesn’t Matter)

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Haha Rexxx i know but there is no more space, you have so many X :smiley:
Yes exactly you are right, i had so much fun with this as not for long time. Well if ill take away all that crap like plant and desk and bed and garden as you can make rations at home or buy, its 3 + 8 more devices so 11 more devices to add fuel, or much more thrust or 11 turrets.

The thing is that its realy nice to have to choose on what are you planing to use ship and what you will need for it, and maybe to have universal ship which you can easily adjust without much work.

Also size is limited as you simply cannot have so many thrusters to push some SWP size monster around. I realy like this, it should be implemented directly into game, it makes it much better. If there is same thing for SV its more than cool. Finaly there would be different kinds of different ships for different purposes, not only huge monsters.

Well at least we have some limit, as if there is no present im sure someone will build 250 x 250 x 250 CV which makes about 15,5 mil blocks which would be a bit too much even for your server :smiley:

Thanks for the fun!

Very well done Elfias :smiley: it’s a very good example that it’s possible to make some good CV with 50 devices ^^

Omg wait ! did you see the spy on pic 7 ?! it’s him the evil tunneler called Thranir :D, watch out Elfias, based on the picture, i’m sure he is thinking : “I saw something shiny over there ! Damnit Elfias ! where did you hide your gold…under the pillow maybe ?! nah… bed…hum i need to dig out this vessel, i will ! i must ! my precious CV…” :smiley:


Haha, nice one Blackwing… I also thought about this x)

@Elfias there is reason :wink: Years ago where math and school was so cool I created this name convention because I loved the sinus curve :wink: Before it was rex (loved latin too xD)

Now you know my history :open_mouth: :wink:

Well that was my hidden feature to all of you guys. A ship build for custom purposes. Like in good old days before the workshop flooded us with random ships. As I mentioned: the first step to “back to the roots” for 4.0 :wink:

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Yay! Back to the roots we go!

Its unconventional usage of math Rexxx, i realy like it :smiley:

Lol yes, hes sneaking there indeed :smiley: Maybe hes a customer interested in ahving CV capable to take him down to PvP planet as as everyone else Thran was inspirated by SWP and make his usually small crafts a bit bigger :smiley: Also hes probably thinking…Hmmm luxury thats what im looking for all the time.