Ridiculous RP planets

those 150 RP needed planets is ridiculous, because season is 2 month and then RP resets. Like trader best it can get is 5 RP per day, and its absolutely sure many days you dont get that much, so in best scenario it would be 150 after 30 days, but you could say that maybe in 2 months in real you could get that muhc, but even that is not guaranteed, but season is over long before you get there.

You can buy RP and you can run PDA missions as well it all adds up.

yes, but those are price and noobs cant get there in many many seasons, because not money. Also every 10 die, will lose 1 RP. its still pretty difficult for many. Combined to fact of so short season, its not even something to focus, as now i think those planet just lose their meaning.

Mine gold = buy RP 1.2mil = 6rp. Run PDA missions, raid POI, And firs planet only 100rp. Or you can live on the PVE planets without RP. Or you can live in Peacekeeper too, BTW the RP planets is for late gameplay.


Mining gold on this server is no longer efficent. You would be killed far too quickly to engage in any meaningful gold mining, which only occurs on far too few planets.

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form a mining coalition and go mining with allies and fight off the attackers

Gold planet is occupied by a 43 member faction. not getting much change outta that to buy RP.

OP is right RP req. are far too high - suitable for V5 but not for V6.


Play a PvP based faction like Hunter or pirate and your RP will go up faster. Being a trader does have drawbacks.

The funny thing is Pirates don’t wanna go to to PvE RP planets. :slight_smile: