Role play events

so, i would like to create some role play events in HWS. The mod has everything i need for this and a few years ago i did many events on different online games which where very popular.

With the origins in mind it should be easy to create some interesting storylines.

But there are also some things i need then: Players who like to take part at these events. They will have rules like special ships and equipment and only a certain number of players can take part.

It would be great to have the possibility of an instance for some scenarios or at least an cease fire while the events take place.

For the creative part of the missions i have in mind i would need some special blue prints that are not in the workshop right now. Maybe i find some players who are interested in creating special faction ships to give a special mark to the atmosphere of such an event.

I would need some backgroud-actors for many parts of the story i have in mind. (good guys, bad guys) ships and weapons will be provided. Every Scenario will have special rules and also a special reward.

the advantage of these events is that only players can take part who like to do some roleplay. So… if you want to join you know what to do :slight_smile:

i will start a small scenario for testing purpose after the server wipe (and when i have enough res. Still i am looking forward for every interested player from every faction. Escpecially new players.

Hi spiel - we’ve hosted many events and would be happy to help you host some on HWS as well.

Let us know how we can help.

I don’t own a donator planet, but imagine if you were to give control (through HWS Connect) to planet doners such that they can control who enters their planet. This way they can set up events there. They can do the events two ways. Players fight and win rewards from each other (ship scrap, certain loot, credits etc.), or the planet owners take some entrance fee to event and they give prize worth entrance fee

hi hopskotch : cool… :slight_smile: i’ll write you a message