Rotate base request

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What happened:
=> Can’t plant sapling

Player(s) with issue:
=> Szynszyl

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 20 feb 2019 03:11

Freelancer HQ orbit
Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now:
=> Please rotate my base to level with playfield.


In cases of rotation/lifting up a base, please try to send a screenshot where we can directly see it and tell us how many meters we should lift it (see your coordinates).
That saves us a lot of time.

Heya @jascha his base is in space and simply we think he cannot place sprouts in this base because the space base is not alligned with the playfield axis, old bug.

With that said his base needs only to be rotated to be level in the playfield at its current position.

I rotated it to 0,0,0
Let me know if that is ok

Just for backup: Before it was 360 / 313,218 / 210,5147

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thanks mate will inform him now :slight_smile:

thanks @Jascha but for some reason he still unable to place his sprouts, Szynszyl did put a picture in the discord also.

@Szynszyl could you write here the exact message you got when you try to place sprout ? also include your picture if you can from yesterday, and maybe take another 1 or 2 pics close up different angles just to be sure.

I also am wondering what is placed underneath the growplots here, maybe there is an object with an extended hitbox going up ?

Ok i do everything but i need couple minutes. I have Polih language in game so i translate message, and it say: “this plant cannot growth here” or something like that. In couple minute i add pics
Here are new pics, i change place of crop plot:

thanks ! and now that the base is the right way, did you try with the grow light’s 1 block higher again ?

@Jascha heya I just realised his base is 90 degrees off, making it sideways, i should have got him to check that again first, my bad.

The plants in the pic show the honeycomb grid being side on when attempting to place.

He is off for a couple of hours now so i wont be able to confirm any tests you do as i cannot get to freelancer with my origin

I think changing the rotation did not work (maybe noone was close to the base at that time)
I will login and check it now

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Thanks again man :smiley:

Not sure it works this way.
I rotated it into the right angle, but

As you see the bottom should be to the right
Rotating the plant also does not change anything
Replacing the core does also not work. You just build the base the wrong way :frowning:

I will speak with the devs.

But I found a way:

See next to your plots., maybe that works for now (on the wall xD)

Ok placing rotated crop plot work great, now i have a farm thx :slight_smile: You can close this topic

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Thanks. for letting us know
Devs will also check it

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