RP and LOTTO Questions

RP rules i want to make sure i have correct.
Going to make up a example to make sure i get this correct.
Number of deaths = 22 and RP = 29

Using info below:
Amount of deaths * 100 credits / RP
Pirate = - 3 RP / death
Hunter = - 1 RP / death
Trader = - 4 RP / death
Alliance = - 2 RP / death

Q1: credit loss is: 22*100 = 2200/29 = 75 credit loss? is that correct?
Q2: Alliance RP Loss is: -2/22 = .09 RP loss? is this correct? i assume its rounded to (1) so i would lose one RP?

LOTTO Questions.
I think i won some lotto money but i cant be certain so i am asking how the lotto moneys are given out and how the number is matched to a person.
Q1: is there a place to know if you won?
Q2: do you choose numbers until one or more people have a matching number? or do you plan on having a roll over LOTTO type? just curious.

I am pretty sure i won 40k and i know that total was more so i must have shared with others.

Thanks to anyone that can bring light to my questions.


RP loss per death is not affected by reputation. Not sure why you included RP into that calculation.

Lorrery is a work in progress obviously. There’s no info in guides, but there are likely bugs. So use at own risk. From what HWS features usually look like, your prize should go to your eb account.

Not sure about that ;). Cant see that anyone got money from lottery. Well if you won, then you get a message as soon as you get online. Also the money in the pot would be much smaller again. SO I guess someone else gave you money :wink:
You just choose numbers. 3 digits. The Lotto is handpicked by the AI (random), so if you picked the right numer you get the win (or split if multiple people got that number). After each Lotto-Session all numbers are deleted and you have to try agian.

What do you mean with Role over Lotto type?

@Veber if you read my post and the guide they put up, i pasted straight from the guide the RP loss formula i was asking for someone in the know to verify my math.
Here is a paste again and i ask is my example above correct.
If you die you will lose:
Amount of deaths * 100 credits / RP
Pirate = - 3 RP / death
Hunter = - 1 RP / death
Trader = - 4 RP / death
Alliance = - 2 RP / death

a single death would cost
75 credits and
.09 RP

@Jascha, by roll over i mean as you have it structured the total rolls until you match and the pot grows otherwise you draw numbers until a match happens and a winner is selected every draw day.
thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:
strange that 40k though, but ill take it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah ok. Well we take the money over. And when someone winds HWS will put a start amount in. ALos each time a player buys a ticket for 100 Credit we put aditional 700 Credits in to top the amount to win.
If no winner is found… the next pot will be higher :wink: So never give up!

Thats not completly right or sounds confusing in the description from us maybe…
It means a Pirate for example looses 3 RP per Death (not Devided by death).