RP for an HWS Marketplace item

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What happened: No rp receviced

Player(s) with issue: Paxxo1985

Server: EU

Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now: I hava not received 10 RP for an HWS Marketplace item purchased by a player from a non-Alliance Origin

8 00:14 Buy_Item paid 2.500 credits and 0 RP for buying 1 Core from TIaBaJI (LAWLESS)

I did other 2 transaction too but i dont know the owners origins.

8 00:07 Buy_Item paid 4.120 credits and 1 RP for buying 50 Pentaxid (refined) from Эльфик (origin Unknown)

8 01:05 Buy_Item paid 184 credits and 1 RP for buying 90 Stone Dust from Paul-Voller (origin Unknown)

I did reset around 23.30 - 24.00

Are you alliance? And did they buy off you? If its not yes to both of these questions then that’s why you didn’t get the rp.

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Oh… thats why… i tought i needed to buy from non-alliance player.

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