RP still missing after asylum and missing ships in market

I have two different problems:

1 - I participated in the “Alien Asylum” event last night (was great fun!) and i’m still missing about 30ish RP.
I had 106 RP (or there about) and now i have 74 RP.

2 - Two of our ships have gone missing from the “for sale” list in elemental market and are marked as “deleted” in structure manager. The two ships are:

SV_Prefab_Tier3 1266001
CV_Darkstar_Station 740003

I’m sure there’s an explanation. They’ve been for sale for a loooong time and none of us have been in market since we put them up for sale. With alpha 5 coming up we should probably go there and lower the price considerably.

Edit: Just recalled Rex’s word about “need to visit them every 14 days” … is that what happened and if so, why are the other 4 ships still there?

I’m still missing 30+ RP from Asylum run on monday and 2 ships still missing from Elemental Market.


about the ships: yep, you didn’t visit them by time. Dunno 100% about the other ones.

about the RP: gave it back to you in combination with your Asylum reward! Thanks for participating and stay tuned for the next Event similar to this :wink:


Awesome, thanks for a great event and info on the ships =)

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