RP the hardest resource for Freelancer

Coming from a large Federation faction last season to a single player Freelancer faction the biggest difficulty I have so far is the lack of generating a good amount of RP!

A single player Freelancer is really a limited RP player. You cant build bases all over PVP HW to generate RP (2 at most and 1 in PVE) and you dont get the large faction bonus.

Finding Alien containers is pretty well it. Doing Events for RP help but some like Eton are not going to happen as you need a bigger faction to help stop pesky Pirates and those Federation dudes that want to police the HWS universe!

There really isnt an RP advantage to playing freelancer or playing in a small faction which is a shame as playing alone is hard but also very rewarding when you dont get ganked in PVP POIs, or get away with ninja mining.

So I came up with ideas, as I think a lot of players might enjoy playing as a solo Freelancer but are often conforming to a large faction for the RP bonus. And in large factions there are often rules which contradict the function of a Freelancer.

For Freelancer have the opposite for a faction bonus, the smaller your faction the more RP you get. For example 1-2 players 10 RP, 3-5 players 5 RP and so on.

Double RP bonus for the white Alien containers, after all you are a lone wolf; lets get that reputation up fast as no one is helping you.

As a natural explorer the first time you fly into a planet/moon you get 1 RP, thereby promoting exploration.

I also like Rexxxus idea of the odd yellow Alien container in a loot container, the odds are very low maybe less than 2 percent? would be nice if its a little higher.

Also maybe the odd purple/red/white one in a rare container. This would encourage more POI raiding.

I know Rexxxus is planning some extra Freelancer missions for RP so hopefully that will help too!

When you consider the RP costs of bank levels and OCD levels it would be nice to get more RP for all origins, but to keep the Freelancer origin different than the other two it really needs some RP fused into it that allows that Lone wolf out there to grow,


Well. What you say here is not for freelancers alone, but all small/2man factions. And yes, it is harder, but big groups benefits most things in the world, also at hws.
Btw, only gg gives rp now as I know.

Don’t you only need like 100penta to get reward? Easiest ever. The rest is the same for everyone. Going pirate, fed or free.

I think more rp rewards will come sooner or later :+1:

Good and constructive post, like it.


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Thanks here are the differences for origin, as you can see there is an RP advantage to pirate and Federation. I have played all three and definitely being in Fed large faction, with bases in all RP planets (max 35 rp) is the best for RP. If you are a federation faction with 40 members playing thats an extra 40 RP as well, for pirate its an extra 20 but freelancer its only 4. Last season as a federation I was getting up to 60 RP a day just for being in a large faction (with all the other bonuses.


Reputation Point Gain

  • 10 RP per Pirate kill
  • 2 RP when you visit ECC once per day
  • 1 RP for living exclusively in PvE (this applies to & is required of all faction members)
  • 3 RP for one warp per day
  • 10 RP for an HWS Marketplace item purchased by a player from a different Origin player
  • 10 RP if you have 77 Autominer Cores in your inventory or on your action bar (in addition to your Origin’s epic weapon)
  • 10 RP per Guilty Bounty Kill (Bounty of at least 10 million credits)
  • 7 RP for one purple Alien Container !


Reputation Point Gain

  • 5 RP per Federation kill
  • 5 RP per kill
  • 25,000 credits per Guilty Bounty kill (cumulative and see Note below)
  • 10 RP if you have 999+ Gold ingots in your inventory (in addition to your Origin’s epic weapon)
  • 10 RP for living exclusively in PvP (this applies to & is required of all faction members)
  • 10 RP per Guilty Bounty Kill (Bounty of at least 10 million credits)
  • 7 RP for one red Alien Container !


Reputation Point Gain

  • 2 RP for one warp per day
  • 3 RP for living in PvE AND PvP (applies to all faction members, some of which live in PvE while others in PVP)
  • 10 RP if you have 300 Pentaxid (refined) in your inventory (in addition to your Origin’s epic weapon)
  • 10 RP per Guilty Bounty Kill (Bounty of at least 10 million credits)
  • 7 RP for one grey Alien Container !
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I generally agree that RP is hard for freelancers, l but this is actually relatively less worse for small player factions as the loss of the member bonus is reduced.

At present the lack of the freelancer decision POI measn new freelancers do not have access to the freelancer code either which slightly reduces RP further as the few POIs that used it tended to have grey loot containers.

I believe freelancers are due a look at.

There is also an inaccuarcies in what you said though- you can put a private base in PVE and then your free faction bases in pvp for extra RP.

ATM freelancer is the worst choice for large alliances by far and for individual players there is not much reason to actually explore sadly beyond the norm

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Free might be lowest, but fulfilling the requirements is hard. Being pirate when ppl don’t do much pvp makes the reward rare… luckily its gotten better n offline protection helps solo players. I’m sure all origins will be getting tweaked lil by lil as game development continues.