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Recently got the game last week (during the sale) and me and my friends have been slowly learning the game together. We recently built our first space station and currently building our first CV. We are slowly inching our way to being able to leave the starter system. The past couple of nights, players have been having discussions about the Pro and Cons of PvE vs. PvP on certain planets.

A lot of words thrown around that I didn’t get the real meaning to such as Origin PvP and the such. I tried asking about it, but was ignored as the discussion was, well, very debated haha.

With that said, I’ve been looking through the HWS rule pages for answers with no luck. Or I’m just not looking at the right places, I don’t know, I’ve been trying to find a forum post but I’m not familiar with these types of forums so its difficult to read and sift through information to find what I’m looking for.

My questions are:
What is Origin PvP?
Are there specific times for Origin PvP?
Are there other places that have specific PvP or PvE times?
Are there any sort of PvP type rules that I should be aware about (ex. Trader origin players cannot attack other trader origin players).?

Thanks for the time, the server, and any help that can be provided, even if its a link.

The Origin planets are PvP at weekends and PvE during the week. Change time i’m not certain but was certainly friday morning (GMT) last week.

Yes there are other places that rotate PvE and PvP but you’ll have to go discover them first :wink:

PvP rules - no using exploits obviously and there is an origin-specific guilty system. You’ll have to find that link on the site or maybe someone else can link to it for you.

I’m still not sure what Origin planets are. I’m pretty sure its not the starter planets. And whatever they are, when it is the weekend, the PvP can happen in space and on the planet right?

Hello @Reapo27 and welcome,

I made a little legend of how to use the sector map properly in 6.0 even though the Guide is sadly lacking on some important information about HWS at the moment (it is our top priority to get the Guide finished)

So if you follow this order (and maybe one is missing regarding checking the warp direction / arrows in the universe)
then you have a lot of universe information to work with.

Your questions focus on the 5th step.

So Origin planets are at the moment origin dedicated planets only the proper Origin can enter. And as you see in the info: from Monday till Friday. At the weekend everyone can come and raid you since it will also switch to PvP from PvE then.

The misunderstand if the space or planet is pvp can be solved by step 2. Just click on each line to see what is what.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.


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