Rules.,.. Admins pls read. thank you

Hi all!

Last night in Gold federation space, Kalsius from the DT clan, just attack us, many times.
1, In the DT, the T not= Trader???
If yes, then why attack us? We r alliance, and we dont shoot first.
He just come and kill me… :frowning:

2, We have RULES! or no? anyone care with this?
Traders do not attack! (or maybe i know wrong?)

Since few day, maybe 1 week on the gold federation planet, the STT clan do this.
We reach the planet, my friend says to me, someones fighting, lets go and watch what happening,
maybe SWP or other pirate clan, and need help.
Then, when we reach the battle place, the STT clan shoot us. Yea, after this we shoot back.

Well, much player says: "Then shoot back, kill him…"etc, ok but we dont want care with traders too,
enough for us fight with pirates.

I think, we NEED the RULES! If nothing rules, we dont play in this anymore.
(We like this server, we want to stay sure. Just, no rules, no fun to us.)

But the rules have been updated:

Trader (Faction Planet: Jupiter)
The trader faction is one of the most underestimated faction in human history. As soon as someone needed help Traders are always there and provide you stuff. They can be your life insurance. To preserve this monopol they have following guidelines:

never attack other trader factions

A smart Trader will never attack anyone first. Simply because it will cost him / her customers in the long run. However, their rules state they’re not allowed to attack other Traders. It says nothing about attacking Alliance, Hunters, Pirates or Lawless for that matter.

I do think the rules could be more tight though, as this is a perfect example of a Pirate disguised as a Trader just for the weekly Trader benefits. A Trader almost never has a valid reason to attack first. The only valid reason I could think of was someone attacking a Trader and fellow Traders start a hunt for revenge.

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I wouldnt attack first, thats not my playstyle. I am a peacefull trader who see´s everybody as a potentional customer.

But others do, i´ve seen a lot of chat-action like “I´ve been attacked by a trader…”

In the most cases, it´s only one faction (which i won´t mention again). They are attacking and raiding everybody in sight. But who cares? When the rules say “Attack everybody except traders” why shoulndt they act like the rules?

noone follow the rules anyways, evry factions is like an pirate faction, they can attack anyone… unless admins do some magic coding to the mechanics of the factions people will abuse it all, i meet traders who said to me they arent really traders but use the tag for free materials and no cooldown on ocd…

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Most people do actually follow the rules, If they get reported more than once by different people then they do have consequences. Ive seen this happen, Dramas do occur when the draw distance is 200m because you wouldn’t fire hoping they are not a pirate (whilst they line you up) then before you even saw there name you were a gonna. I was trader but i enjoy following the rules otherwise im faced with no role and just a buggy game (not fun) i fired accidently on a few people, so Now just a lawless trading. If you want to be a pirate trader just for the weekly bonus that’s pretty pathetic, why bother playing on a role play server? Just be a lawless or pirate and you can do what you want anyway? as for OCD cool down, it is a good bonus but its only on PVP, just go to some PVE space n you have instant…

Unfortunately there are so many screamers around just out to ruin it for others, isn’t that right Thranir :wink:

It should be noted that people going trader for the fa:supply are being watched, the expectation is if you’re a trader is to act like a trader (avoid firing first, sell stuff). Failure to do these things could result in bans, but right now it’s not a formal rule yet.