Rules Update

Added in 1.1: turrets in the lava or can shoot through lava

So many hours wasted building that base. And get slapped with the new rules.

The whole base is underground GG

Now lets define that a lil more, we have turrets under the lava directly beneath the lava, I have no problem removing those. BUT we also have turrets that are in our base under the lava in tunnels that are not buried in terrain(because we learned from our previous lava base) those also will not be firing up ward but rather they guard tunnels. So are we difining it as I have described?

Soon I need to just link to a Rule PDF with hundreds pages :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought it is obvious…

I will rewrite it for you.

Nah don’t worry about it Rexxus me and Raven have agreed we are done building bases. We thought we would make a very challenging base for someone to attack , but instead new rules gets imposed upon us, so we are done. We will just go carebear now and wear pink fluffy things !!!

Yeah, understandable.
There are so many aspects in the game - can’t write a note to everything.

Guess it was wrong to assume that lava is similar to underground turrets. Turrets you can’t kill are kind of exploit and unfair to others. If you dive lava you die, in water not.

Rex i told you lava turrets can be killed you just take a little damage. We are not a large faction “only 2” so we need to be smart when building.

The base was glorious the best yet but we trashed it its unfortunate no one will see it.

You didn’t saved the blueprint TheRaven?

Just to make an statement here rexxus, lava works the same as water, only that lava is deadly if you go in there, i find it odd that you allow turrets under the water but not lava, when its just the same lame tactic, please take away under water turrets on 4.0.

adding rules as you go along the way since people are smart and use it to their advantage is something you should encourage not shut em down, if i will make an super carrier now you will probably find an way to make an rule against that aswell. i hope the 1000 device will not be changed like last time now, permanent rules and guidelines is something we should have not changed evry day or week?
i remember you were talking about making an rule for digging since people complained about my digging skills.

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You can’t save that kind of blueprint. The base was over 250 meters. I have a video but reluctant to release it yet.

To make also a statement:
this game is Alpha and things can change quick. As soon as we see something is harming the communtiy or will be discovered then we step in and adjust the rules.

And yes, if we see that you build a 1000 device thruster ship lagging people to death then we will also step in.
You know that: “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

The rules are no bible set in stone. Period.

I really thought it is clear that if you can’t kill Turrets then it is counted as unfair and kind of exploit, so no rule needed. What do you think will a certain guy do if he get killed from those turrets? “If they abuse, I abuse” and just drain all the ammo hell out of that base. And what happens then? A “Get Support - ban ammo drainer!” topic popsup. That is no fake, it happened in the past.

Again: you take damage in lava and your vision is like negative. You see nothing.
Water is different. You don’t take damage and you can dodge if the water is deep enough. Because yes:

we do this in that way. Underwater bases are a challenge beside the easy turrets on the ground. Bases becomes a much higher value in 4.0 because repair bays only work on them. The era is hopefully over where a Thranir can take them out with one strike. Deal with it.

I will follow the rules to the book on my new ship design, but its not gonna be tasty, expect rivers of tears :smiley:

We had the same style on EU Thranir had no problem penetrating it. But he was smart about it.

The reason why we even build this base was for the players.

Until repair bays actually restore missing blocks, there is no real reason to use them as the missing blocks are the real issue.

With the buffs to CV health I see no reason to not keep living out of hidden CVs and discarding them after any combat as replacing busted blocks is just too much hassle vs rebuilding a blueprint.

Ah know i remember… yeah mostly people have no chance against the mighty Thranir…

LOL i think it was more like this.