Sanctuary Server down again

Since 20 Minutes the Sanctuary Server is down again and doesnt show up in the server browser. Nearly the same time like yesterday… :expressionless:

Still down This is day 2 for me I can not play because I and all of my stuff pretty much is on SAN server… sigh lol

Heard they had a hard drive crash yesterday. Seems it might have cascaded into tonight. They thought it was fixed and they are asleep now in their time zone. I’m sure they’ll get to it once they arise and see the flames. :slight_smile:

Yes seems like something caused the sever to reboot. After the HDD failure yesterday they had to reinstall windows, and unfortunately I don’t have the new master password to restart EMP on Sanctuary.

Will need to wait for the masters to wake up in afraid. Hold tight and sorry for the inconvenience.

Whos idea was it again to set up all the donator planets on a separate server? I feel like they need to have old medieval torture devices used on them like the rack or an iron maiden. That way they can feel just a portion of the pain this new season makes me feel.

Or how about hanged, drawn, and quartered? No? Rat torture? You know, put a box with a few rats against the exposed abdomen, heat the the other side, causing the rats to flee and dig their way through your body to escape from burning to death?

:frowning: I started it, but I guess more then the Harddisk is broken… we will contact our provider as soon as possible. Very sorry. but it has nothing to do with beeing a 3rd server or so. It could have been the same with EU or NA… just bad “luck” so to say.

I’m quite frustrated about it too. We will keep you up to date.

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Shit hit the fan, well just tell us what exactly are we supposed to do, i mean i guess you will restore all from some backup? Should i took out resources and move to EU until this all is solved or what am i supposed to do to control any damage.

For me its ok as usuall, whatever we do there are always some problems to solve, usually unexpected and nasty. I just wish i wont loose any more autominers or this seasson will be remebered as season of lost autominers :smiley: Good luck with repairing guys!

Ahh now i see BP are gone already, halfway fed up Pegasus Battlestar too, well its starting to be painfull crash :frowning:

Bit more detail:

the third server is corrupt / broken.
While the server did read / write processes it crashed what caused corrupt / broken files (ships, bases, players)
Yesterday I formatted / reinstalled Windows on it but it seems like the hardware is not working correctly nevertheless.
This will force us to completely change the server again (I don’t know how many servers we tried now…)

For you guys it’s important:

  • to spawn your ready blueprints, since they can’t be transferred as always
  • since we don’t have the overall health check maybe even pack up everything in OCDs. It is not really needed, we would do a 1:1 transfer but if it’s me I wouldn’t play with a potential corrupt ship or base

For individual help please contact as like this one:

That shouldn’t happen and we would need more information about that.

But overall playing now with corrupt data is really a game on fire.

Believe us that we are very frustrated and are stuck in this negativity train for long time now.
We can’t improve HWS overall as long as these chains exist :frowning:

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Its ok Rexx, thanks for quick response. I see constructors are stucked, not producing, I dont have any chance to pack somehow in reasonable time its just too much stuff so i guess ill leave it all as it is and go to EU.

BP gone yes, can tell you names if that can help you what happend, but it wasnt expensive, not sure but i think it was:
2x Warp Box
1x SV-6.0-V-Wing-V7
And sadly half prepared Battlestar-Mercury-1907 and this is only pain, not big, 80k at least in iron.

But its not a priority in any case also lost is not that big, just reporting in case it could help.

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It looks like the factions are gone, in the faction tab are no more shown and everything on the planet is labeld [???]. We can still use our stuff and access everything, in the faction tab are we shown as a team on the right side but the left side blanco.

hm just checked the whole faction file was corrupted too :frowning:
If you cant access something let me know.
You might want to create your faction Again and leave the old. But doing this would possibly mean that you cant access your old stuff. SO we would have to do it together.

I’ll prepare a massive faction change function for that.

We keep it for now, we can access all our stuff. Never touch a running (?) system :wink:

omg just not what you need yet another server. I feel your pain admin

Im taking a break until its all prepared and calmed down so you will have time to sort it faction by faction. New faction without your help is not and option for me, its another dozens of hours to accept all those ppl jumping one by one to sanctuary requesting accepting in faction, not gonna do that again.

The worst on this damn crash is that loosing of time for all of us, players and admins. Why luck abandoned us, why?

Are The Titans, The Mysterious Ancient inhabitants of Sanctuary behind this?

Maybe…I guess we wont ever know, we can only be sure they was inteligent enough to play chess.

But for sure they was giantic enough to crush the server.


I have had no luck for the last 6 wks in this game but I will stick it out cus I love it here. Never CSW so glad I am not caught up in this new horror show.

Ppl dont realise how much they miss by not using CSW, so few of them are on track of this Titan mystery above, well that at least leave me enough space to discover it on my own and get their ancient huge minigun for myself. The size of that thing must be huge (aproximatly 3x of normal size guessing from what i’ve seen so far)

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what are you on about i am lost?

@RexXxuS do you inform us here, when SAN gets up again?

Yes, will do!
They started the hardware intervention as soon as you logged out.

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