SaW Faction - 1 Memeber faction supporting RED and SWP

Yesterday they where protecting SWP and red bases and today they moved one base for attacking.

Rules say "no alternative / family share accounts are allowed to build Bases (private / faction) near (< 500m) another structure complex with an Offline Protection device built in.

Punishment: Loss of progress on all accounts / Perma ban"

So is this allowed ? I am not sure about the player in Saw but i think i remember hgis name from RED or SWP.

Just curius…



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Not allowed and I’ll sort it out. Thanks

Yeah, and they pilled up other bases on top of those exploited ones.
They seem do do it on purpose, pulling their rulebreaking even further.
As person obeying the rules of the server since begining and reported all exploits i have found, it would be expected for them to be punished.

Who is they and what is their?

I removed his bases already and talked with him. Actually neither RED nor L nor SWP wants to have him in the faction.

But the Alliance in combination with OP is at least against our rules. Even if, theoretically nothing is wrong per se by definition.
Maybe the rule needs even rewritten to “Golden Globe is only for 2+” factions allowed…


Could remove OP for the heavily contested PvP planets (main ones being GG and HW).

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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