Season 12: The Mulligan Provocation

Lot’s of…fun to be had this season. Many new activities to stimulate the senses. Vintage adventures have been refined nicely. Lots of shiny everywhere! With so many new toys in the box it can take a bit of time to stuff things back in and pull others out. There have been many things lost in the void during transitions. There are a few signs that can be looked out for and precautions that can be done to help endure these happy little pauses we now have joining the party.

First and foremost, the F2 blueprint factory is an incredible tool with many uses. It has no storage limits. It is very handy to have rescue ships at the ready for the after effects of “Pandora’s Triangle” a few seasons back. Just be careful not to load it too much. There are quite a few “features” that will gobble up blueprints unexpectedly. Best to keep a handful of disposables so it is less painful if they poof.

Secondly, the portal labyrinth can drop you into unexpected destinations at times. Having easy access to fuel, O2, refined pentax, and food can be very helpful when you arrive at destination unknown. The PDA missions and OCD should be your fist “go-to” for this. The instant food is quite nice. There is always the handy HWS Marketplace when needed. (Siding in a suggestion of adding a “Rescueme Mission” that gives a small amount of all of these would be the cat’s meow :slight_smile: )

EGS recycle! This is my favorite tool of all! While I to enjoy carving up structures by hand grabbing the good bits, the carcass can be a mammoth time consumer. The recycle command is a great way to salvage every last possible bit. With great power, comes great consequences. The structure commander has fallen victim to the DMV customer service that the game engine is using this season. I found it best to keep an eye on the commander to make sure he has received the intel on recycled ships. Explore the sector before moving on to verify he has let the HWS repo man know to stand down.

Lastly and most importantly, patience. With tensions in the real world high, emotions can easily bleed into our escape. When you find yourself getting frustrated, take a pause for a moment to asses the situation and calculate its worth. Then compare that to your enjoyment level of the task. If they do not fall in line, it can cause a multitude of compounding issues. Sometimes it’s best to take a break from the current adventure and try one of the many other shiny objects around the galaxy. When all else fails, take a mulligan :wink:


Well said, good sir.

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