Season - Own Planet


We are looking to get our own planet but kinda left in dark in terms of season periods. What’s the current season, how long would it run and when is the next season?


that is a tough topic now.
Not because there is no planet on NA available anymore but more in terms of the future of the donator planets in season II.
Donator planets alone eating about 17 open playfields which is way too much.
So we have to reduce this amount in season II or think of a CSW way for them.
We let you know the new system as soon as we know it.

Anyways for now a season is two month long. So season I ends on friday the 7th August.

We are playing EU server which seems to have many available spots for own planet.

Hey Rex

What about getting rid of those donators planets but instead add a season subscription fee to help with the cost of the servers ? is it possible ?

-> less playfields -> better performance -> and everyone is really playing in the same universe if you see what i mean :smiley:

just an idea ^^

Think you mean Aug 7th??? Jun 7 to Jul 7 is one month only

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Ohhh, 7th august.
We have troubles with this saison, because of new things of Emp 6.0, csw delay, crashes movements between servers, etc. I now, and hope, that new every day will be better then yesterday.

However, why this exact day ?
Is it possible to extend for 1 month more ?

7th June season 1 started.
7th June + 2 months = 7th August…

I strongly HATE this 8 week season its far to short. I don’t like building things, get a good thing going to have to restart again every 8 weeks. Also new players joining wont stay if they turn up on week 6 or 7.

please reconsider this season idea. Even put a vote up about it.

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